• 4 July 2020

Tuto: Minnnie ears for Pin Trading

Fans of Pin Trading?

My daughter discovered the tradition of Pin Trading on a cruise aboard the Disney Cruise Line. She had never noticed before during our visits to Disneyland Paris that some people wear lanyards around their necks with pins, which can be exchanged. Now there is no stopping her! Whether on a cruise, at Disneyland Paris, or in other Disney parks, she always has her 2 fetish “traditions” with her: the pins and the Minnie headband!

So why not combine both?

Here we will make a cork headband on which you can pin your favourite pins. A simple decoration object for the home or a real showcase to walk around Mickey’s park, it’s up to you! 

Here is what you’ll need:

  • a cork tile about 5 mm thick
  • a simple headband
  • a glue gun or glue
  • fabric and ribbon to cover the headband and tie the knot (you can choose a single colour or several colours, it’s up to you!)
  • a cutter or scissors
  • a sheet of draft paper / a pencil


Step 1

Cut out a pattern from Mickey’s ear. You can find some ready-made ones on the internet, or simply trace some ears you would have at home! 

 DIY liège

Step 2

Transfer the shape onto the cork.

DIY liège

The number of shapes to cut depends on the width of your headband.
For example, I need 3 layers of cork so that the ears are the same thickness as the headband. 3 layers per ear: 6 shapes to be cut out of the cork with the cutter. 

DIY liège

Step 3

With the glue gun or glue, stick the layers of cork together: 

Step 4

Cover the headband with fabric:

Step 5

Check the thickness of your ears! Indeed, even if in theory we know the thickness of the cork plate, the glue can add a little volume.

Then cut out 2 strips of this width from the fabric, which you will glue around the ears.
I remind you that you don’t have to use the same cloth as for the headband. You can even take a ribbon if you have ribbon of the right width!

Step 6

Tie a knot of about 10 cm wide by 7 cm high in the remaining fabric.

You can also stick a piece of ribbon if you wish inside the headband, for more comfort… I used glitter fabric, which “itches”, so the ribbon was mandatory! 

Step 7

Position the ears and the knot and glue them with hot glue.

Step 8

Your headband is ready! 

Now all that’s left for you to do is choose which pins you’re going to put on it for your next visit to the park!



Great lover of the Disney universe, I live my passion throughout the year since I work listening to ED92radio and I go to Disneyland Paris several times a year. I also had the chance to visit American Disney parks and to go on vacation with Mickey several times on board the Disney Cruise Line boats. So it was only natural that I wanted to join the ED92 team as a blog editor in February 2020, to share with you my experience and my passion for this magical universe.

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