Tuto : sew a Mickey cushion for your lounge

It’s always a pleasure to add a touch of Disney to our interiors.

Today I am suggesting a little bit of sewing to create a small cushion, which when set on your sofa will enable you to store the TV remote away! No more searching for the TV remote, Mickey will keep it nice and safe! 

Here is what you will need:

  • a piece of black fabric (preferably cotton) approximately 30cm by 30cm
  • a piece of red fabric (preferably cotton) approx 30cm by 30cm
  • two pieces of a printed fabric of your choice (ideally black and red designs) 35cm by 35cm
  • 2 large white buttons
  • sewing essentials (sewing machine, thread, needles…) 
  • stuffing or fabric off-cuts 

This tutorial is intended for people that already have some sewing experience, but can also be followed by beginner seamstresses. It can even be achieved without a sewing machine … it will take a little longer, but it can be done! 

Step 1

Search the net for a silhouette of Mickey’s head and print it out so that the head is about 25cm high. Using the black fabric, cut out your Mickey silhouette.

Step 2

Fold the red fabric in half and sew a small seam line to mark the fold. I use red thread to keep it discreet. 

Plier le tissu rouge en 2 et faire une petite ligne de couture pour marquer le pli, avec du fil rouge pour que ça reste discret

Cut the Mickey head template in half to separate the bottom of the head.using the new template cut the bottom of the head from the red fabric making sure the fold with the seam is at the top.

Take the pieces you have cut out and pin them to the printed fabric. Place the Mickey silhouette directly in the centre and place the red base of the head on top:

Step 3

As the red thread is already in the sewing machine, let’s start with the red. Sew around the red fabric using a very, very tight zigzag stitch.

Step 4

This time using the black thread use the same zigzag stitch to sew around the black fabric.

Next, sew the 2 pieces of printed fabric together, printed side turned over the other printed side, leaving a 5cm gap at the end. Use this hole to turn the cushion right side out and lightly iron to smooth out the fabric. 

Step 5

Fill the cushion. When you feel the cushion is plump enough close the hole with a few stitches. 

Step 6

Sew the 2 large white buttons onto the red fabric.  

There you go. It’s done!

You can use the same principle to create cushions of any of your favourite Disney heroes! Just adapt the fabric and choose a matching central pattern.

For example, how about a Frozen themed fabric with a big snowflake:

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