Who’s behind ED92?

17th July 2020 marks the 7th anniversary of ED92. But what is behind this name and the photos, videos, news and articles that are published every day on the various social channels? Today, we will answer the questions you ask us on our channels. We are going to lift the veil on those who bring magic to life. Follow us behind the scenes!

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Let’s first talk about the history of ED92. And what better way to learn more than to turn to Jeff, founder and administrator of ED92.


Q: How did you get the idea and the desire to create ED92?

A: Following a visit to the parks in 2012, I was shocked to discover a destination that was a shadow of its former self and sites of enthusiasts who greatly minimised the extent of this decline. As one is never better served than by oneself, I decided to create ED92 to respond to my desire for a site with a frank, complete and objective look at DLP.

Q: At that time, did you already think that one day your group would have so many subscribers?

A: Not at all, by far! At the beginning we were a very small number. About 400 people joined my Facebook group, and they all had the same aspiration as me for a site that was different in the way it talked about DLP. I only had a name and a desire, I didn’t have a specific goal at the beginning. The concept of ED92 was then built progressively according to the ideas of each person who wanted to contribute to building it and this is undoubtedly what made our success.

Q: How did your first “collaborators” join you?

A: Simply by a mere announcement. I invited everyone who wanted to make an active contribution to come forward. We then exchanged PMs and moved forward according to each person’s ideas and skills. We quickly got 5/6 people to divide up the tasks to keep the group going.

We lived like that for about 6 months. The time to set up our first project, which was the Forum. Then the machine started to grow with the creation of the Facebook page to replace our initial group and the creation of the Twitter feed and the team grew to a dozen people.

That’s when we also started what is our trademark: Live, which at that time was done once or twice a week.

Q: What’s your best memory with ED92?

A: It’s hard to pick just one. But I’d say 12th April 2017, when we organised a small concert by the Main Street Quartet on Flower Street as a side event to the official festivities. It was a nice moment of pure nostalgia that was extremely appreciated by many people. One of them was undoubtedly a high rank representative of the park, since in the middle of the recital the speakers in this corner of Main Street USA were cut off to allow us to better savour the moment.

Main Street Quartet preforming at the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris

Q: Finally, what would be your ultimate dream for ED92?

A: That the community that has been created can exist as long as the castle that sits in the middle of Disneyland Park, and that it continues to grow as it looks for new ways to share what brings us together: our passion for DLP.

ED92 today

Seven years later, ED92 has grown! The number of subscribers has reached unimaginable figures, and the various teams have grown. Each member brings his or her skills to make the immense wheels of the group turn. Whether it’s a mastery of social media and new technologies, or graphic, photographic, editorial, creative or other skills, all are brought together to create never-seen-before content.

ED92 in numbers :

ED92 is… :

  • 7 years of existence sharing the magic
  • 70 team members to date
  • members in 7 countries
  • a presence on 7 social media channels and platforms
  • subscribers in more than 40 countries, all networks combined
  • 110,000 members on our Facebook page
  • 50,200 members on Twitter
  • 38,500 subscribers on Instagram
  • 17,800 members on TikTok
  • 7,500 members on our Facebook group
  • 7 900 subscribers on our YouTube channel
  • in one year, 344,044 visitors on out website, who read 1,047,214 pages in French and in English
  • a brand new Pinterest account
  • a radio for Android and Apple devices, for hours of Disney music
  • thousands of photos

Answers to your questions!

We often receive questions on our various social media channels. It’s time to answer the most frequent ones, without any fancy talk!

Are you cast members?

Well, no! We are not cast members. Some people have cast members among their family members, but we are not ourselves cast members. We all have various jobs, some are even students, but we are not cast members.

Does Disney pay for your tickets/passes?

Absolutely not! Our team pays for their own tickets/passes. However, sometimes we are invited to special events such as previews, but for our live show, we buy our own tickets.

Does Disney give you money?

(Unfortunately) no ^^ We are not paid by Disney!

You all live next door to Disneyland Paris?

No, our members are spread all over France, and even in other countries like UK and Belgium.

The person who takes the pictures comes every day to the park?

Many of us come to the park to provide live pictures. Each member of the team also becomes a photographer if he/she wants to during his/her visits to the park!

Are you recruiting?

Always! If you wish to join us, do not hesitate to send us your application on this page, not forgetting to specify what you would like to do and your skills 😊



Translated from French by DisneyMum

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