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They are back and oh did I miss this bunch of a-holes !

Okay so all the new stuff is gone and we knew it was going to be hard to beat the first one as this one stands lonely at the top of the marvel cinematic universe.
But this movie comes without doubt on the second place of this ranking…and let’s be honest that means a lot.

James Gunn, the director of the movie showed once again that he masters this genre and I would even put him at the same level as Quinten Tarantino…of Marvel.

From the intro where the focus is on the dancing baby Groot with all the action going on in the background, for the tons of laughter and the courage to draw the emotional card.
Let’s be honest Gunn did once again an amazing job.

Without going to deep in the plot, because I don’t want a comment section full a spoiler alerts….
Let’s say that there’s a healthy portion of daddy issues in this second adventure of Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax and mini-version of Groot.
Next to that a lot of previous relationships are quite shaken up…so much so that we could even count Star-Lords “foster dad” Yondu and Gamora’s sister Nebula as part of the Guardians.

Gunn did a great job not turning this into a “Empire Strikes Back-kinda darkquel” but instead took a new path which I personally like a lot.
He even gave Kurt Russell en Sylvester Stallone one of their best recent roles and although that wasn’t to hard, it was good to see them amongst the other creatures on the big screen.

A sequel is always hard to make, especially with such high expectations.
The 2 hours and 17 minutes went by quickly, but it didn’t have to be that long, the mixed tape Vol2. is not quite as awesome as the first, but it gives us once again a bond with the characters.

In my opinion is was a great movie and a must see, this goes on the top 3 list of my favorite Marvel movies and takes a steady second place right behind the first Guardians of the Galaxy.
And this time around Drax stole the funniest character position from Rocket Raccoon…he was hilarious!

And now it’s up to you…are you going to enjoy this new adventure of this bunch of a-holes ?





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