Insidear – Interview with “Mickey’s Magical Christmas Lights” Show Directors

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On November 16, the fir lighting ceremony will begin in a “reenchanted” version. We met the two directors, Louisa Leroy and Alessandro Carmeci.

Hello Louisa and Alessandro! Could you introduce yourself for those who don’t know you yet?

Louisa: Hello to all dear InsidEars and all Disney fans! I have been at Disneyland Paris for 23 years now. I have had the chance to evolve within the Show Division for all these years and to still be there as a director and to be able to write magic every day to make young and old dream. I had the chance to start as a director with the show “Let’s Sing the Snow Queen” at Chaparral Theater, “Mickey and the Magician” and now “The Marvel Superhero Alliance” at Studio Theater and here I am on the Christmas tree lighting ceremony “Mickey and the Magic of Christmas Lights”. I’m fulfilling a dream of working with Santa Claus and Mickey at the same time!

Alessandro : Hello everyone, for my part the adventure at Disneyland Paris started in 2004 when I had the chance to share the stage with Louisa in “Lilo & Stitch: Catch the Wave Party! ». Between 2009 and 2019, I went to Asia and London to continue my career as a director and director. After 10 years away from the magic of Disney, I come back for my greatest happiness.

We have heard that the Christmas Light Ceremony has some new surprises in store for us this year! What can you tell us?

Louisa : Indeed, this year we wanted to add even more emotion and magic to our ceremony to illuminate our beautiful tree. And in addition, the ceremony is punctuated by end-of-year songs that everyone knows.

Alessandro : We are lucky to have our princely couples who will help us to illuminate the tree, as well as the public who have an important part and interaction with the Castle. We can say that it is an appointment not to be missed for this beautiful Christmas season.

What motivated this version change?

Louisa : Christmas is magical at Disneyland Paris and we once again wanted to surprise our visitors by adding a magical connection between the tree and the Château.

Alessandro: And above all, to make our visitors experience a magical and precious moment with their loved ones.

What was the watchword of this new version?

Louisa : There were three: emotions, interaction and immersion were the key words of this new version.

Alessandro : I think Louisa has told you everything 😊

What Characters will we meet at this Ceremony?

Louisa : We have of course Santa Claus, Mickey and Minnie, as well as our two masters of ceremonies Rosie and Louis.

Alessandro : Not to mention the Princesses and their Princes: Tiana, Ariel, Raiponce, Cinderella, Belle, Aurore and Snow White.

What can you tell us about the lights?

Louisa : We gave our tree a new lease of life and changed all its lights. This year, you have chosen the colours of the tree’s lights. Following the Internet users’ votes last September on Instagram, the classic and traditional Christmas colours were chosen and integrated into the show, namely red and green.

Alessandro : The garlands of Main Street, U.S.A. also have new illuminations. The Castle will be an integral part of the new fir lighting ceremony, which will include a mapping projection on the castle, special lighting on Central Plaza and Main Street, U.S.A., and will end with the tree lighting on Town Square.

In your opinion, what will be the moment that should surprise regulars?

Louisa : The arrival of the Princesses and their Princes without hesitation!

Alessandro : The help of our visitors to illuminate our tree.

What is your most beautiful Christmas memory at Disneyland Paris?

Louisa : My first parade as a dancer I was a lady crowned in front of Santa’s chariot in 1996, my parents surprised me to come and see me.

Alessandro : I remember a Christmas when I surprised my nephews. I took them to the park in the morning of the 25th. Their sparkling eyes and big smiles are a beautiful memory.


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