Jungle Book Jive: the sleeper hit of the summer ?

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As the “Lion King and Jungle Festival” marketing machine booted up back in September last year, and more recently with TV ads, billboards and other teasers, everyone’s focus has generally been on the new Lion King stage production coming to the Frontierland Theater (if it’s ready).

But a key element of the season seems stay in the background, possibly due to the lack of details or promotion, and it might very well steal the entire spotlight: The Jungle Book Jive. Let’s look at the show you may very well be obsessed with all summer, based on what we know so far:

  1. It’s a Parade

“Musical production” is the term used by Disney, but don’t get it twisted: it’s a full blown mini parade. With no less than 9 brand new floats (albeit not of a size of a daytime parade), the show will cover a lot of territory along the Parade route to achieve the new favorite thing in daytime shows: immersion.

5 “animals” floats, some as high as 4 meters, pushed by strong Cast Members will represent the jungle’s animals. Giraffe, elephant, hippo… these animals also double as drums for the performers to bring an element of live music throughout the production.


Carrying our favourite Disney Friends will then be 4 vehicles: a plane, a steamboat, a train and a safari bus. Bright colors all around in the shades of turquoise, yellow and pink will make the whole show pop in the summer sun, not unlike the former Pirates & Princesses floats:

  1. It’s music

Music is an important part of a show, and if you thought the “pirates and Princesses Festival” music was catchy, just wait until you hear “On My Way”, one of the theme songs for the production. Actually, you can hear an extract right here:

On top of this catchy “Disney style” soundtrack, the show promises drums, and live vocals from our yet unnamed “MC” who will be in charge of the storyline.

  1. It’s brand new costumes

Our Disney Friends have renewed their wardrobe for this safari excursion. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and more are joining the classic Jungle Book character in celebrating adventure. We caught a glimpse of the super-fun Donald and Daisy outfits – fan, backpack, map.. they are ready to explore the wilderness.

Joining them will be a whole crowd of performers in indian-inspired costumes (the design crew even went on a trip to India for inspiration) that we’re really looking forward to.

  1. It’s a party

With the Pirates & Princesses Festival not returning in 2020, Halloween couldn’t be the only season to use the great “planters” stages. The Jungle Book Jive will therefore utilize the same setup around the hub and in the center for an immersive show in several “chapters” allowing Guests to experience the production in different ways and from many different angles, joining in the singing and dancing along the way.

So this summer, grab your fan, check your maps, we’re going on an adventure.

The Jungle Book Jive officially premieres on June 30 at Disneyland Park and runs until September 22.


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You said that “Pirates & Princesses Festival not returning in 2020” : is it an official information or speculation ?