• 5 juillet 2020

Marvel Summer : Food and Treats Review

Marvel Summer : Food and Treats Review


By Patrick G.


Whenever I find myself starting to write one of these articles I cannot help myself from being impressed with the massive amount of change which has been sweeping the resort of late. I have always been rather critical on the state of the food and beverages offered in the resort especially when it comes to themed treats.


It looks like Disneyland Paris fans will no longer have to look on with envy because for the Marvel Superhero Summer season more than 20 themed treats and food items have been launched in Walt Disney Studios Park. In the interest of this article I volunteered to take up the tough job of eating and drinking my way around the park, so lets get to it.


The real highlight of the season is the arrival of a wider selection of treats. Disneyland Paris really has gone to more effort than usual and this is very much appreciated. First up is the selection of Groot themed snacks. All of the snacks are available at different trucks dotted around the park. Disneyland Paris has done a great job in theming them to the colours of the season. This may only be a small touch but it feels great that so much effort is being put in to the details. It is also important to note that any of the snacks sold in these kiosks are not available for annual pass discount which is a shame.


Groot cookies available in either hazelnut chocolate flavor or raspberry and both retail for €4.29. The texture of the cookie itself is buttery and not as dry as I expected with the filling really bringing it to life. I opted for the raspberry version and the filling was more akin to a thick sauce rather than a jam. I really liked it though, and was very appreciative that Disneyland Paris was catering to the people who were not in love with hazelnut chocolate spreads. The chocolate crunch puffs that make up Groot’s eyes had a tendancy to fall off rather easily but the problem seems to have been rectified in recent times showing that Disneyland Paris is taking the new themed snack game seriously. Although they add a lot to the aesthetics they do not add much to the taste.



Continuing with the Groot theme is the savoury Groot bread with cheese and bacon which also retails for €4.29. This is served cold and as such it is quite dry. The cheese flavour is delicious but quite strong and the bacon sets it off nicely. This is a perfect example of mixing French cuisine with a little bit of Disney flair. The strong cheese taste is right up my street but I did find it quite strange that I was only able to find tiny cubes of cheese in the bread. I would definitely recommend this but it is probably best to have a drink on hand as it is quite dry.



Up next is the Spider-Man / Captain America donuts which are also on sale for €3.99. These both come served with hazelnut chocolate spread and topped with a white chocolate disk on which the logo of the respective hero is printed. Donuts are a strange treat for me. I can rarely be seen eating one because as far as cakes go they are quite low down on my list of favorites. However these donuts were fresh and fluffy with enormous amounts of hazelnut chocolate spread all around the inside and not just the center. Now although this might sound like heaven to most people I am far from the biggest hazelnut chocolate spead fan – in fact I would go as far as to say that nuts ruin chocolate for me, but the addition of the white chocolate disk on the top of the donut really balances out the flavour and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. The donut is also massive and well worth the price especially when you consider the €6 cupcake that was offered during Fandaze.


Making use of the ice cream shop on Hollywood Boulevard is the Black Panther ice-cream cone. The pitch black ice-cream hides a surprising coconut flavour. Usually when things look so pretty the taste is lacking but I am happy to report that this is not the case here. It may seem like quite a small ice-ream for the retail price of €3.99 but it is unique to the resort and is delicious so I had no problem paying the price. The strong food colouring is a bit worrying however and similar to the short lived bright blue popcorn for the 25th anniversary it may leave a lasting mark on you so be warned! It is also of interest that 3 Spiderman butter cookies are on sale at this location for €3.99. The face of Spiderman is only printed on the plastic wrapping so I made a hard pass on that one.



Making an appearance in Disneyland Paris is the Infinity Gauntlet Sipper which retails for a whopping €19.99 with a slush or €18.99 without! I am so glad that Disneyland Paris is starting to offer more varied souvenir cups but the price is sky high compared to the US parks! The slush is standard park fare and is nothing special but the sipper is such a statement piece it really does make you feel like Thanos.



Also available is an Iron Man stein (€13.99) and a Baby Groot sipper (€10.99). The Baby Groot sipper is incredibly cute and can come served with a 500ml drink for an extra euro. Baby Groot’s arms move for that extra cuteness. The only thing I dislike about the sipper is that it doesn’t hold a full 500ml and although it may be a question of style over substance it is sure to be a hit with many.



Finally comes the new combo meal in Studio 1’s “Restaurant En Coulisse” the Spider-Web Burger is a massive gut buster which retails for €15.99 *EDIT* At the time of writing the price has risen €2 to €17.99 which is understandable given the success but may turn some people off. The price includes a burger with a beef patty, a cheese patty, salad, tomatoes, gherkins with a barbecue sauce as well as fries that can be dressed with a melted cheddar cheese. If you are still hungry after all of that there is a superhero sponge dessert which can be washed down with your drink of choice. This is a a lot of food and is probably the most filling meal you can get in a counter service restaurant in the whole resort even when you consider the recent price hike. The cheese sauce on the fries is surprisingly tasty and the burger itself does have a lot going on for it but it actually pays off (think of a Steakhouse burger from Burger King minus the grilled onions and with a cheesy patty). Initially I thought that there was too much going on in the burger but again it was surprisingly tasty. The red burger bun gives a great visual effect but it was actually fresh and moist. The dessert is the real let down here. The sponge was quite dry and the fruity flavours quite forgettable but the white chocolate top saved the day in terms of presentation as well as taste.



After all that I had been beaten by Disneyland Paris’ massive selection of themed food so I had to stop there (both for the my personal health and that of my wallet!) In my opinion this is the best selection of themed snacks and savoury items to have ever launched in Disneyland Paris. I really hope that this will set the precedent for future seasons as it really does add a whole new dimension to seasonal entertainment which has been sorely lacking up to now. The only fear I have is that some guests may be unaware that these items are available and maybe Disneyland Paris could consider a mini food guide that could be distributed to guests upon entering the park not to dissimilar to the Today guide in Tokyo Disneyland. I am sure those guests who do find the themed snacks and savoury items will enjoy doing so. Long may it last Disneyland Paris!



Toute petite déjà, serrant mon doudou Mickey contre moi, je me passionne pour l'univers Disney que je découvre avec mon père. C'est en octobre 2019 que l'occasion m'est donnée de vivre cette passion au quotidien en intégrant la famille ED92 en tant que rédactrice pour les divers médias sociaux du groupe.

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