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Millesime Montevrain: the new Val d’Europe Multi Purpose Venue

Millesime Montevrain: the new Val d’Europe Multi Purpose Venue

Steps away from Disneyland Paris, « Millesime Montevrain » is set to become the new independent hub for shows and entertainment in the Val d’Europe area. It sits on Avenue Francois Mitterrand right next to Disneyland Paris backstage areas, and will offer in 2019 a unique multi purpose venue, a restaurant, an exhibition space and a recording studio. We got the chance to visit the construction site.

Out of the 1500 m2 of the brand new building, 400 m2 will be taken up by the entertainment venue. This modular space will be able to host from 50 to 1000 people depending on the configuration and will serve as a theater, a convention center or a meeting space.

It will also feature a balcony for 36 people. Numbers wise, the stage will measure 14.5 meters by 4 meters high, about the size of the stage for Mickey and the Magician. The investment reaches 10 million Euros, with 2 million for technology and lighting similar to the setup used at the Disneyland Paris convention centers. Millesime Montervrain will be able to offset the loss of convention space capacity caused by the closing for renovation of Disney’s Hotel New York.

Upstairs, « Maestro », a restaurant with terrace will welcome diners for lunch and dinner with a unique view over the Disney parks. Phillipe Geneletti, a former chef at upscale California Grill (Disneyland Hotel), will be the head of this new eatery. While the show promises to be mainly in the plates, the panoramic windows will let diners get a glimpse of the fireworks shot at Walt Disney Studios Park during the Star Wars and Christmas offerings for example. Depending on the season and placement, you may even see fireworks from Disney illuminations.

Future panoramic view over the Disney Parks and in particular « The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ».

In the main entrance hall, an exhibition area will complete the offering, as well as a recording studio for professional or amateur groups willing to rehearse or record. The architects aimed for a luminous space thanks to large windows and lighting that will enhance the structure at night. A plaza will welcome Guests outside the venue, and a parking lot across the road, with an underground parking for extra spaces. Parking fees should average 4 to 5 Euros for 5 hours, cheaper than the Indigo or Disneyland Paris Guest Parking.

CNo less than 80 to 90 events are already planned for Millésime Montévrain in 2019 and 2020. « From Rap to Symphonic Orchestras, there will be something for everyone » according to Mathieu Souverain, Artistic Director. Due to the proximity to Disneyland Paris, the venue will also welcome some of Disney’s productions such as « Disney Loves Jazz » events or Anais Delva (French voice for Elsa) concerts. There is however no plan to stage a « Disney on Ice » production as the venue is not set up to build such a production. However, Guests will be able to enjoy a unique Cabaret show, a mix of « Lido » and « Cray Horse », with over 200 costumes planned for a dinner show that will run one or twice each month.

The venue will soft open in May-June 2019 and throughout the Summer to prepare the grand opening events in September.

At the time of our visit on October 29, 2018, 95% of the main construction work was completed. The bay windows will soon complete the facade and enclose the entrance hall.

Inside the venue, scaffolding will soon be removed to move on to the finishing phase:


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