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New Years Eve Party: Start 2018 with a trip down memory lane!

New Years Eve Party: Start 2018 with a trip down memory lane!



When it came to light in June 2017 that Disneyland Paris would be hosting a special hard ticket New Year’s Eve Party, we knew we were in for a big celebration: floats from several parades, current, seasonal or.. past, would be rolling down the parade route all together in the longest parade in Disneyland Paris history!



We are now just over a month away from the big day, the party tickets have sold out, but details have remained scarce on what exactly this party would offer. On Monday, November 27 we were lucky to be invited to take a sneak peek at the technical rehearsals of the parade, and meet Margot, the event’s Show Director.


In the freezing cold and the pouring rain, we embarked, microphone in hand, on what would be an hour long trip down memory lane that not only gave us a taste of what to expect when Disneyland Park rings in the new year, but also the occasion to meet the passionate team of Cast Members in charge of producing a never been done before show, for one night only.



The Party


New Year’s Eve at Disneyland Park will of course be a massive celebration. It revolves around three main offerings:


– The Incredible New Year’s Eve Parade, featuring many floats and costumes from current and past parades, at 8:30pm (more on that in a moment),


– Goofy’s Dance Party with DJ Lucky, in Discoveryland in front of Starport, until 1 am,


– The New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show, now with more “BAM”, lights and lasers, at midnight.


Other New Year’s Eve options will be available for Guests without a ticket to the party:


– At Walt Disney Studios, Goofy’s Incredible Christmas will be performed, and a special midnight surprise will be presented on the Production Courtyard Stage.


– On Lake Disney: the New Year’s Eve Fireworks show returns this year.


Creating a unique Event


Margot, Show Director of the New Year’s Eve Party


Margot was our master of ceremony all evening, supervising everything around the parade route, from timing, spacing, logistics onstage and backstage.


Originally from Marseille in the South of France, Margot came to Paris to study cinema and in parallel found a student job at Disneyland Paris Ticketing booths. Soon, she was joining the Guest Flow team, and four years later the Business Solutions team, working on special events, including Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary.


Five years ago, Margot joined the show production team to work on previous Halloween seasons and Mickey and the Magician. The New Years Party is her first event as a Show Director, no pressure!


The Parade


With this Parade, Margot wants to take Guests on an hour long trip down memory lane. On that specific night, we witnessed the “filage”: the first rehearsal with floats only (no performers) in order to get a first feel on how the show will look in real life. Parade typically have many rehearsals, but for a one of a kind event like this, only one more rehearsal will take place, right before the Christmas school holidays, this time with all the performers.



In total, over 50 Disney Characters will join the parade. Hundreds of dancers, drivers and crew will join the production on the night, totalling more than 400 Cast Members, for a show that will last around an hour. One of the goal of the night was also to time the Parade, in order for the entertainment and operational teams to know how to plan the evening.


Soon, the Parade doors opened, and floats from previous parades such as Magic on Parade and the former Halloween Parades mixed with seasonal offerings from Spring, Halloween, Christmas, and of course the latest hit Stars on Parade in a one of a kind procession.




The Parade promises many surprises. For example, for the first time in Disneyland Paris history, Lightning McQueen will be driving down the parade route at Disneyland Park.


A bit of creative direction was applied to the order of the floats (we will let you discover it for yourself in a month!) and also to the choices made: some of the magic on Parade floats won’t be appearing because the unit they represent is already featured in Stars on Parade, which remains the star of today. Another float that won’t be appearing is the “Magic Everywhere” bridge float, which used to close Magic on Parade, as, we are told, it is being reworked to create some more magic.. very soon.




Beyond the floats, each unit will also provide a few costuming surprises (the Costuming department never gets rid of any costume!) and the parade as a whole will me rocked by Disneyland Paris Parade songs of the past… maybe a little but remixed. So get ready to karaoke your favourites, from “Just like we Dreamed It” to “All Around the World” and of course, “Magic Everywhere”!


Join us!


On this special episode of the ED92 Podcast, join Ben and Axel as they follow Margot – Live along the parade route for 20 minutes of fun facts, magic and laughs!

Listen and subscribe to our exclusive episode and future ones on iTunes with this link: And if you’re on Android, search for ED92 on the TuneIn App for all our episodes on demand!








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