• 29 mai 2020

Review: Disney Loves Jazz

Review by Patrick G.

The Disney Loves Jazz soirée follows in the footsteps in a growing list of hard-ticketed events that have been held in Disneyland Paris in the past few months. The main element that made this soirée stand out more than most is that it was very clearly targeting a different type of audience, one that may not be a traditional park goer or a repeat visitor to Disneyland Paris.

Once again the Walt Disney Studios Park played host to a special evening of entertainment and characters. Disney friends like Tiana, Naveen, Louis, Dr. Facilier, Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, Oswald, Mickey, Minnie, the Aristocats and Edgar (a world premiere no less!) came out to play in a jazzy atmosphere which was largely a calm and relaxing affair. The soirée began at 8pm and despite the park closing officially at 7pm guests with an annual pass and a wristband for the party were not cleared out of the park. This was certainly an odd choice meaning that those eager to be the first in line for characters or exclusive merchandise could do so whilst attendees with wristbands waited patiently outside. This was certainly an odd choice that would have cause much more hassle for a regular party but the overall laid back atmosphere prevailed from start to finish. Despite being lines having already formed it was not really a problem and guests could easily get in line for their priority of the night.

Exclusive Pins
Exclusive merchandise included a t-shirt with the logo of the party as well as a set of pins.

The jazzy characters really did fit into the theme of the soirée and it was a delight that added to the  atmosphere. The characters really were the plus point that would make the party a no brainer as compared to just seeing the concert in central Paris at a later date in a more traditional setting.

Tiana & Naveen
Tiana and Naveen felt right at home in a jazz atmosphere to rival that of New Orleans.

Although the Disney characters always add a touch of magic to proceedings the real star of the show here were the talented jazz musicians and singers that were available to those who had purchased a premium ticket (cost an extra €20). Fans of the Disney Loves Jazz cds knew exactly what to expect and there was an incredible atmosphere. The master of ceremonies knew how to appeal to a crowd (despite speaking entirely in French and needing notes for the name of each performer and song which seemed a bit odd) and the orchestra rendered the Disney songs beautifully with the amazing voices of Ben L’Oncle Soul, Hugh Coltman, Myles Sanko and Robin McKelle. The highlight of the concert was China Moses’ rendition of “Try Everything” from Zootopia which almost tore the roof off the covered seating of the Motors Action! arena.

The evening also allowed for attendees to enjoy the succulent offerings of “Le Rendez-Vous Gourmand de Disneyland Paris” (food and wine festival à la Paris to you and me). This meant that lines got particularly long with some chalets selling out before the end of the evening. The small selection of rides meant that premium ticket holders could grab a ride or two on some attractions before heading home for the night. Character queue lines were closed after the 100 minute concert but this was not a problem for this reviewer who was too busy enjoying the relaxed atmosphere with friends to rush around and try and do everything (which is usually impossible anyway).

Studio View
A magical night that was not overpowered by the Disney characters but let the stars of jazz shine.

To sum up the Disney Loves Jazz party was one of the better hard-ticketed events to date. The premium concert is one of the best pieces of entertainment seen in Disneyland Paris outside of Fandaze and was worth the entry price alone. Small streetmosphere events and a (non) jazz DJ at the Hollywood Tower of Terror really added to the laid back atmosphere. Attendees were sufficiently spread around the park to make things feel not crowded and chilled down. This party gets a massive thumbs up and would be considered a must-do if the event returns to Disneyland Paris in the future.

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