Review: Magical Pride

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Saturday June 1, 2019 saw the first official Magical Pride party at Walt Disney Studios Park, celebrating diversity and inclusion.

While many LGBT private events have taken place at Disney Parks around the world including Disneyland Paris, this is the first time that one of these events is organized by Disney itself and appears on the Resort’s official calendar. As such, it’s important to highlight and praise the determination of our Resort in taking that important step. On to the party !

  1. Magical Pride Diversity March

One of the major highlight of the night. Despite its rather simple setup (performers on foot, “Stars and Cars” cars, the infamous “Spring Train” and Jake’s Pirate Ship), the March shined for its enthusiastic and heart felt energy: more than 400 Cast Members, special Guests (Boy George and his giant camcorder, Corine, Rossy De Palma..) and Disney Friends danced to a remix of “So This Is Love” by Tonya Kelly. It’s impossible to describe everyone’s joyful energy during these 20 min so here’s our video:

  1. Main Stage

The night started with an introduction by beloved Ambassadors Giona and Joana, who welcomed to the stage Disneyland Paris President Natacha Rafalski for one of her first big public speech. Far from retreating backstage, Natacha, and COO Daniel Delcourt, stuck around for a big part of the night to mingle with Guests and Cast and enjoy the party. It was great to see the Resort’s management connect with the crowd, more of this please!

Performances for the night included 80’s pop revival act Corine, Boy George (DJ Set) and headliners Years and Years. Great performances overall. While not all Guests knew who the acts were, everyone was having fun.

Sadly the stage setup prevented almost everyone from properly seeing the performers, due to the fixed DJ table in the front of the stage that relegated the performers all the way to the back.

  1. Characters

THE meet and greet of the night was undoubtedly Mickey and Minnie in their Magical Pride special outfits. The costume design was tasteful and fun, with a subtle touch of rainbow – the Disneyland Paris costume designers once again proved that they can deliver some of the best work in any Disney Park. Due to their popularity, the queue unfortunately got very long very quick. Having Mickey and Minnie both meeting at the same time (even if separate) would be welcome next time!

  1. Merchandise, ambiance and extras
  • The merchandise team went on overdrive with the great Magical Pride designs (t-shirts, lanyard, jumbo pin) and the more permanent “Love Comes in Every Color” collection encompassing a wide range of items that will be available through the summer.
  • The Tower of Terror sported a cool purple projection mapping with rainbow “windows”:

  • The Lip-Sync competition turned out to be a very well produced little show, with backup dancers and some fun performances from Guests:

  • The bar was a mess with a rugby-style queue and a confusing system of “pay here-pick up there”- the usual level of incompetence we’ve come to expect from Live Events in that department. It needed a clear queue, organized with ropes, and signage.
  • A number of welcome “extras” included the popular free Wella Pro hair and nail salon, distribution of free t-shirts (similar to the March designs), several photo backdrops with props, and a selection of snacks including a rainbow cake (only available with the burger menu sadly).

A really great night celebrating diversity, filled with positivity and fun. Well done, and hopefully see you next year!


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Overall, I thought the event was great, but the organization, as per usual, was poor. The bar, like you mentioned, but also getting into the event. It worked better than some events, (I’m looking at you, Pirates and Princesses Soirée) but could still use some work. Three separate people tried to check our bags–the second and third had to be told by the first that it had already been done–but nobody gave us programs. I was hoping to have one to save. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the event was a big deal for me and I’m a… Lire la suite »