are you brave enough

Are You Brave Enough? – Lyrics

The nights are getting darker, and playful spooks are coming out to play. That’s right, the Halloween season is here at Disneyland Paris! For 2019, Castle Stage plays host to the brand new spooktacular Are You Brave Enough? If you want to show those Disney Villains that you’re not afraid of them, or even tap into your own inner villain, then fear not – we’ve got the lyrics to the catchy new anthem for you right here! Are You Brave Enough? Composed by Scott Erickson   Do you dare, to go out at night? Are you scared, when there is no light? The scoundrels and the villains are enough to cause a fright! Something’s calling, that you can’t resist. The fear is something, that still persists. The dark is a curse, but it only gets worse when they step into the light! &...