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Review: Pirates & Princesses AP Night

To round out the Festival of Pirates & Princesses season (hopefully just until next year!) Disneyland Paris held it’s first Soirée Exclusive Pass Annuels of 2019: The Pirates & Princesses party! If you weren’t able to make it to this sparkly, swashbuckling occasion, then let me make you feel a bit better upfront by telling […]Lire

Pirates & Princesses: Make Your Choice Lyrics

While being a Princess or a Pirate is fun, there’s something to be said for dancing and rapping for your chosen team! Three to four times a day throughout the season, Central Plaza becomes a bustling hub of dancing, rapping, and a bit of jovial banter, as Team Pirates and Team Princesses take to the […]Lire

Pirates & Princesses Parade Lyrics

The Festival of Pirates & Princesses is in full swing (despite the best efforts of the weather to put a dampener on proceedings) until mid-March. If you’re going to be channeling your inner Princess or Pirate power, then make sure your singing is on key with these lyrics. These lyrics are for the parade theme […]Lire