Mickey’s 90th

It’s A Good Time – Lyrics

Mickey’s 90th Birthday is nearly upon us, and if you’ve been to Disneyland Paris since October you’ll already have heard the banging new anthem created just for the occassion: It’s A Good Time! Currently the Cupcake Girls dance along to this tune on the pre-parade before Disney Stars on Parade, but you can expect to hear it a lot more this season. To get you prepared for the party, we’ve got the lyrics right here! The variant of this song used for the #SurpriseMickey show replaces the « Everybody throw your hands up! » line in the chorus is with « Everybody get your ears on! » Verse 1 Welcome everybody it’s the time year. All our friends invited so we’re starting to cheer. Step inside the room, watch the night get active. Selfie game is strong &lsq...