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The Cupcake Sisters of Disneyland Paris

The Cupcake Sisters of Disneyland Paris

By Jack and Sadie

Are you ready for the World’s Biggest Mouse Party? Well even if you’re not I can tell you about 5 girls who are! The Cupcake Sisters of Disneyland Paris are a very recent addition to Disneyland Park for « #Mickey90 », with each Sister representing one of the 5 lands and having their very own supersized cupcake!

The Cupcake Sisters

Caramel (Discoveryland), Velvet (Adventureland), Angel (Main Street USA), Candy (Fantasyland), Peach (Frontierland)

Throughout the day at Disneyland Park, The Cupcake Sisters will be meeting guests alongside their cupcake within their specific land. The Sisters are presented as specially selected bakers, who have been chosen by Minnie Mouse, to create a colourful, vibrant and beautiful cupcake for Mickey’s 90th birthday!

Each Cupcake Sister has their own story to tell (both in French and English) and they provide a really good meet and greet, full of energy, humour and guest interaction. We have experienced the Sisters dancing with guests, singing happy birthday to Mickey and providing general off the script bubbly interactions. The Cupcake girls will then pose for photos with guests, usually in signature poses, such as Caramel (Discoveryland) performing ‘The Robot’. As a special souvenir, once you have your photo with one of the Sisters, you are given a unique badge for that meet and greet either from the Sister themselves or their personal assistant. Each badge is designed with a sketched image of the particular Cupcake Sister, accompanied by the hashtag ‘Surprise Mickey’.

If you’re doubting visiting one of these meet and greets, we strongly advise you go! The Sisters are so full of positivity and charm that you will leave with a smile on your face, and if not that, a unique badge to keep! We recommend meeting all the characters as each is so unique – as are the badges!

Apart from the brilliant meet and greet chances at their specific venues across Disneyland Park, you can also catch The Cupcake Sisters all together prior to Disney Stars on Parade. This is combined with the well-known family of honour pre parade in which the Family who was chosen get to meet all the Cupcake Sisters at once, and pose for photos with the Sisters ahead of the Pre-parade.  See the below photo for a sneak peek at what it’s like to be chosen!

And there’s MORE! The pre-parade is accompanied by a brand new song for the World’s Biggest Mouse Party which is unbelievably catchy and has you singing it for the rest of your holiday – That’s if you can get Vive la Vie out of your head!

Supersized Cupcakes

When the giant cupcakes were placed into the parks overnight there wasn’t a universal appreciation of them either in the parks or through social media. Each Cupcake is designed to be firstly bright, fun and bold whilst incorporating aspects of the land they represent. Some of them are brilliant, some of them aren’t as great, however it all comes down to personal preference.  Whether you adore the steampunk, Jules Verne style of the Discoveryland cupcake or not, you can see the amount of effort which has been put into the design of each Cupcake much to the Disneyland Paris’ credit.

These Cupcakes are great for photos, apart from the barrier around the bottom half; however this is unfortunately a necessary these days due to poor guest behaviour. These cupcakes for us are a more of a hit then a miss and without them; we wouldn’t have the brilliant Cupcake Sisters.

Furthermore it is worth mentioning that this is the first piece of in park entertainment celebrating Mickey’s 90th worldwide and all of the Cupcake Sisters are unique to Disneyland Paris! This alone is great from Disneyland Paris and these meet and greets are regularly busy both on quiet and busy days which shows how well this has gone down with regular and one off guests. This also excites us for future entertainment to come for Mickeys 90th and along with the brilliant Halloween entertainment; Disneyland Park is hitting a big home run at the moment.

Exclusive ‘Themed’ Cupcakes

Disneyland Paris also released a range of ‘Themed’ Cupcakes for each of the Cupcake Sisters. These cupcakes are sold throughout the park and each represents a land within Disneyland Park. These cupcakes are not great and do not do justice to the great entertainment and supersized cupcakes we have discussed already. They may taste good, but the level of ‘theming’ is low to non-existent, unless coloured icing and a sprinkle of sugared treats is enough to get your excitement levels up.

Overall we would rate the experience as ‘Half Baked’. The Cupcake Sisters are great, the Supersized Cupcakes are good, but the themed food leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Sadie’s Cupcake Extravaganza Eleganza – A Personal Take on the Cupcake Sisters Outfits

I love the Cupcake Sisters outfits. The design of each Cupcake Sister expertly represents their specific land, the bright colours and intricate detail instantly draw your attention and they very much keep with the high standards of costumes used throughout Disneyland Paris’ vast spread of entertainment!


There was one element in each outfit which could have been improved in my opinion – and that is the skirts! While it’s easy to see that they are there to represent the cupcake cases, for me they were a little unflattering. Personally I don’t feel they worked with the intricately designed top halves of the outfits which were bold and beautiful. I can’t help but feel the elegant shape of a skater skirt would have been ‘the icing on the cake’ for this look, as the cupcake skirts just looked a little too narrow!

Aside from this minor critique I adore the costumes and love that they are all uniquely beautiful and an inspiring idea to continue and adapt for future events at Disneyland Paris!

Catch Jack on Twitter: @DisneyParksJack 


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