• 5 juillet 2020

The Incredibles 2 : A Disneyland Paris Review

The Incredibles 2 : A Disneyland Paris Review


« by patrick G »


It has been fourteen long years since The Parrs blasted onto the silver screen. The Incredibles continued the Pixar magic raking in over $260,000,000 in its domestic release alone. With those numbers a sequel seemed inevitable. However ten years passed before a sequel was officially announced and in that time the children that saw the first installment in cinemas had grown up and some even had their own children by then.


The hype for the sequel grew steadily over time on social media and this represented an excellent opportunity for Disney Parks to capitalize on the love that fans had for the first movie. This led to the retheming of the “California Screamin” rollercoaster to “The Incredicoaster” in Disney’s California Adventure as part of the “Pixar Pier” rebranding of “Paradise Pier”. The Incredibles were even honoured with their own float for the slightly modified “Paint the Night” parade in Disney’s California Adventure.


Closer to home Disneyland Paris was entering a new phase of synergies after its official takeover by The Walt Disney Company. Marketing whiz and Présidente of EuroDisney S.C.A Catherine Powell had expressly stated her desire to see the Paris resort become more included in the Disney brand as a whole and this was reflected in events such as a launch event for the European leg of Pirates of The Carribean 5 taking place inside the resort as well as The Art of Animation building in Walt Disney Studios park welcoming a meet and greet location for current Disney releases such as Moana and Belle from “Beauty and The Beast”.


Leading up to the French release date of July 4th 2018 for “The Incredibles 2”, Disneyland Paris began to put Mr and Mrs Incredible gradually back into the limelight in the parks. This started as far back as 2017 with “The Incredibles Challenge” a short show which took place in Walt Disney Studios park often at the same time as the parade in Disneyland Park. The show invited new superheroes to flex their strength alongside Mr and Mrs Incredible. The show was simple but it gave guests the opportunity to see the “incedi-scooters” which are actually pretty impressive.



The superhero couple began meeting more and more often in Toon Studios and in the past few weeks Mr and Mrs Incredible are meeting guests on a daily basis in The Art of Animation lobby. Whilst the Lineberty app has proven to slightly capricious for guests it takes the hassle out of having to queue to meet them which is a nice touch.


The synergy finally came to a climax with a private showing for Infinity passholders in the Discoveryland Theatre some three full days before its French release.



So by this time the hype was real and even I was excited to see the sequel which is strange because I have only ever seen parts of the first movie. This may sound like sacrilege to most but it just goes to show: if I can meet a character or characters in the parks, I will always have more interest in their respective projects and/or merchandise (this goes for you too Duffy and friends – meet first merchandise later!). As you can imagine I went in with little to no expectations apart from the fact that the first installment is much loved by audiences who are now adults. The following review is spoiler-free although those wishing to know absolutely nothing about the general plot may wish to stop here.


The film picks up where the last one left off. The Parr family is dealing with their superpowers as well as being a family all the while being portrayed as the bad guys by government officials. With Elastigirl called away on a mission Bob finds himself stuck at home carrying the baby – literally. The movie as such branches off into two significant plots and neither ever really feels like the B plot.


A brand new villain for the second installment provides some dark and deeply profound moments which give the movie a more grown up edge. Brad Bird does an absolutely amazing job of dealing with these edgier moments that are always followed by the hilarious antics of baby Jack-Jack to bring a bit of comic relief to the proceedings. If I am being honest I would have watched an entire movie based on Jack-Jack because it is genuinely that funny. The villain may not feel as fleshed out as it could be but this is understandable due to the target audience being families. It is also worth noting that people who suffer from photo sensitive epilepsy may wish to wait to catch this movie at home as flashing images are present throughout and are often unannounced.


The film succeeds on so many levels. Kids will enjoy a film that they can identify with as most families have encountered some of the everyday situations depicted in the picture with some belly laughs to boot. As an adult I too enjoyed the comedy but never felt like I was watching your typical children’s cartoon. I also enjoyed how themes such as morality, immigration and grieving were treated with a special appreciation for the prominent commentary on the overwhelming presence of technology in our every day lives.


It is hard to say more without giving things away but the movie is an absolute success on literally every level from music to plot and pacing. “The Incredibles 2” deserves your hard earned cash and will not disappoint movie goers. At time of writing the movie is Pixar’s second highest grossing movie after Finding Nemo but as far as favorites go The Incredibles 2 is definitely number 1 for me.


The Incredibles is out now in the USA and hits cinemas in the UK and Ireland on July 13.



Toute petite déjà, serrant mon doudou Mickey contre moi, je me passionne pour l'univers Disney que je découvre avec mon père. C'est en octobre 2019 que l'occasion m'est donnée de vivre cette passion au quotidien en intégrant la famille ED92 en tant que rédactrice pour les divers médias sociaux du groupe.

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