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“After 10 months of closure, the Art of Disney Animation building comes back as new, with a new frozen experience and a new name : “Animation Celebration”. On the outside, the new colour scheme perfectly matches the facade of the “Animagique Theater”, which was completely renovated a few years ago.

In “Frozen: A Musical Invitation”, purists will be delighted to see that the first room is almost unchanged, with the exception of a few signage elements above the doors. We can even wonder whether we’re going to reach the kingdom of Arendelle or see Mushu, still waiting for us in the next room. What is called the “pre-show” in Disney jargon is a simple video quickly tracing back the highlights of the first opus of the “Frozen” saga, followed by safety instructions. In short, it’s a very simplistic introduction but it has the merit of putting us in the snowy kingdom. We would have liked a little more immersion.

The first of the two scenes shows Anna, Kristoff and Sven in the stable. It’s a very warm setting, quite true to the film, we appreciate it! Thanks to the French/English mix of songs and dialogues, everyone can participate and understand this interactive animation. Spectators are invited to take part in the celebration by singing songs with the characters. On the second scene, guests are taken in the middle of Elsa’s ice palace. Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are quickly followed by the Queen of Arendelle appearing in a smokescreen, on an elevated platform. Here again, visitors are invited to sing two of the film’s main songs in unison.

Overall, both scenes are relatively well performed and the layout of the room offers a real feeling of proximity and intimacy with the various protagonists. But there are no more seating! With the exception of a few reserved places reserved for people with reduced mobility, you have to attend the whole adventure on your feet, and there’s the rub. This new layout of the space clearly hinders the view of the spectators. The slight slope of the room doesn’t offer an optimal experience to all visitors. Simply put, only the front row can perfectly enjoy the show. And if it’s already difficult for the adults, the children placed in the next rows can hardly see the stage. That’s ironical, because this attraction has been mainly created for children. The only consolation is the presence of barriers delineating the rows that, as I have seen myself, enable parents to put their children on their feet, even if it means bothering other guests standing behind them.

The adventure finally ends with the “post-show” where the drawing academy has been kept, another element showing the history and origin of this attraction. The visit concludes in this large room, now decorated with many posters of the great Disney and Pixar hits. Overall, the drawings on the walls combine classic films with the latest creations, to fully place “Animation Celebration” within its time. Finally, the Olaf photo location and the shop allow you to leave with many souvenirs from the kingdom of Arendelle, which is always pleasant. These two elements will change as new Disney films are released. It’s not a transcendent attraction, but “Animation Celebration” effectively meets guests’ expectations to see these characters and has the merit of making us wait patiently the opening of the brand new land.”


“The new show is nice, it’s clearly made for children. The settings are well done, with a special mention for Sven animatronic which is incredible. The attraction combines Frozen and newness, so cast members recommend that you arrive at least one hour before the beginning of the show.

The big drawback of this new attraction is that guests have to stay up from start to finish, in the pre-show and in the two next rooms. It’s horrible for everyone. Children can’t see anything during the show if they’re not sitting in the front row, and that’s the same for adults who are not as tall as basketball players.”



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