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Peek into the future of Disney’s Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel

Peek into the future of Disney’s Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel

Disney’s Hotel New York is a staple of Lake Disney (then Lake Buena Vista) since Disneyland Paris (then Euro Disney) opened in 1992. Designed by post modern architect Michael Graves, the hotel was to represent an idealized (albeit 90’s version) of New York City, in an early 20th art deco style.

As the Resort grew older, so did its hotel, and Disneyland Paris started a long term program of renovations and light IP infusions (guess they were too « nondescript »?).

That’s exactly what is happening here at Disney’s Hotel New York. While headlines were quick to annonce a ‘Marvel Hotel », the property will in fact be renovated to more modern standards and add accents from the « Art of Marvel ». Far from creating a place where super-heroes live (you were all thinking about the Star Wars Hotel..), the goal here is to modernize, get rid of the retro-art deco-dust and show off the artistic side of Marvel.

Funny enough the first idea for the renovation was « Broadway » where each room was supposed to be set up like a dressing room. Could have been fun, but Broadway is not an IP and Marvel is. Plus, let’s face it, Disneyland Paris is about to get « Marvelized » so it fits right in.

On January 5, 2019 we were kindly invited by Disneyland Paris to come take a look at the new test rooms before the big transformation, and learn more about what exactly is about to happen. Our guide was Sylvie Massara, Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering. Let’s go:

1. Lobby

Unveiled at D23 Expo 2017, the new lobby of ‘The Art of Marvel » is resolutely more modern. Gone are the cliches.. the Empire State Building clock, the giant baseball logo floors, and even the kid’s corner. We’re in New York City – TODAY. Or maybe tomorrow?. If you omit the Avengers armor display cases, the concept looks rather standard and that’s something that we will find across this whole renovation. Disney went for ‘not risky’ across the board, and it’s too bad, because a Disney Hotel should really « take you somewhere ».


It’s important to note that not much heavy construction will occur inside the building. This is mostly a re-theme and few walls will be moved. However most carpets, furniture, props.. will change. The heavy work will however occur on the outside of the building with the facade, color scheme, a new entrance lake side and removal of the Ice Rink:The lobby will feature fake windows with backlit black and white artwork, some of it will be exclusive to the property.

Sky Bar

Gone is the New York City Bar, you will now sip your cocktails in the Sky Bar. Not much details has been shown yet about the look of this bar except that the idea is to take you to a top of a skyscraper with a view over New York City by using a network of screens with visuals that will change with the time of day. It will have minimal Marvel references.

Loft Bar

In lieu of the Roger Rabbit Kid’s Corner and the Empire State Check in area, a new bar, with a « New York Loft' » concept, with a terrace looking over the new lawn will be created.

Art Gallery

A new Art Gallery (shop) will appear near the elevator.

Parkside Diner

Not a ton of information yet for the Parkside, two large walls will have black and white backlit art pieces by famous artists.

Manhattan Restaurant

Will not be changing theme but will be renovated.

2. Hallways and Rooms 

Grey, Red and white geometrical patterns cover the new hallways. Again here we’re in the « Marvel touches » category instead of a takeover. They are also pretty business hotel like.

Now for the rooms: we’ll let you take a look at the photos just below, but note a few interesting facts:

  • 55 inch TV’s will be hidden behind two way mirrors
  • Inspired by Tony Stark’s loft (sure)
  • UK plugs in the desks
  • Super Heroes posters (will vary by room)
  • 20% of the rooms will receive a shower. The rest will keep the bath tubs. Suites will offer both.
  • There is a possibility that the art will change over the years to keep rooms fresh (sure)
  • 100% LED lighting
  • Small bench in front of the beds
  • All the furnishings will be replaced (beds, mattresses, curtains, carpets, furniture..)

Have a look at the Gallery:

The BIGGEST question may be « can I have/buy an old lamp? » and the short answer is no: some furnishing that can be saved will head to a cast member sale, and some will be given to charities. There’s no plan to have a public sale but our host did not have all the information.

3. Souvenir Book

Guests at the event were gifted this great souvenir book, a 35 page compilation of stories, photos, concept art and construction shots, here is a Gallery:

Disney’s Hotel New York closes Sunday January 6 for Guests, with a special night into the 7th for Cast Members who have worked at the property since its opening. A great initiative. 

You can watch an official video recap of the event right here and on YouTube:

Many thanks to Disneyland Paris for this last look into Disney’s Hotel New York. Follow along for more news and concept art very soon, and our live coverage of the construction over the years!


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