New Disneyland Paris Annual Passes: To infinity and beyond… your budget.

Do you love your Annual Passport? This wonderful piece of magnetized plastic that brought you the most magical Disneyland Paris memories without bankrupting you?

You do? Well in that case, hold it in your hands, feel it, cherish it until its expiration date, because soon you will fondly remember the days when for 223 Euros a year (or even less if you had a renewal offer) you could get your dose of Magic every day of the year without any restrictions. Disneyland Paris has reworked the range of Annual Passport and from March 29, the Annual Passes – their new name – will take you to infinity and beyond…your budget.

From now on, the unlimited Annual Pass and its privileges have a new name: Infinity and its price is infinitely further away from its predecessor, the Dream Passport. You will now need to pay 399 Euros – a 79% increase – to get the precious pass, but with brand new benefits.

This price increase for the flagship “premium” Pass however comes with a list of new benefits:

-Parking spaces closer to the entrance in the visitors parking lot,

-Right to park at Hotel New York, Newport Bay Club and Sequoia Lodge,

-Reserved priority AP Entrances at both parks,

-VIP viewing areas for the parades and Illuminations Night-time Spectacular,

-VIP desk at the Annual Pass Office,

-VIP phone hotline and concierge service,

-48-hours head start for AP Events reservations.

At this price, and even if it is possible to pay for it monthly, the Infinity Annual Pass may not fit in everyone’s budget. For comparison, the Disneyland Resort (California) unlimited AP costs $1049. The 350-days pass costs $849 in California but 249 Euros in Paris, with more benefits.

Of course, less costly Annual Passes complete the range.

You will notice that, in order to not lose any of your benefits (and win a few), you will need to upgrade to a Pass that will cost more than the Passport you currently own.

If however you would like to keep the same price range, you will lose a number of benefits and access days, and pay slightly more than you currently do.

Annual Passes FAQ’s:

1.  When is my current Annual Passport valid until? With which benefits?

You current Annual Passport will remain valid until the same date with the same benefits. For example a Dream passport will give you access to both parks every day until expiration, but you will not get the new Infinity benefits.

2. I currently have an Annual passport, and I am interested in the new offers and benefits. When can I upgrade and how?

Starting March 29, Annual Passport holders can upgrade to a new Annual Pass, by paying the price difference.

It is important to note that the upgrade will NOT modify the expiration date of your old Passport, but you will receive the new benefits, and a bonus GIFT CARD of 25 Euros. It is therefore also important to check the expiration date of your current Passport and decide if upgrading will be worth it for you.

You can of course wait until your current Annual Passport expires and renew it by choosing ONLY from the new range of Annual Passes. In that case, the renewal offer will be for 16 months (and not 18 month as it currently is)

3. I do not have an annual pass. Will there be a launch offer?

Yes, 1 free month for a Discovery, Magic Flex or Magic Plus Annual Pass, and 2 month for the Infinity Annual Pass. This offer is not valid in the case of a renewal.

4. What about the referral offer?

If you refer 3 friends, 6 free months will be added to your Annual Pass.

You now have everything you need to choose your next Annual Pass. Any questions?

Curious Axel made a special video with more Q&A’s.

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