A Golden Birthday in the Forest

A stay at the Golden Forest Club at Disney Sequoia Lodge, for a birthday that will be a magical memory! ✨

Two days at the Golden Forest Club

I’ve stayed at this American national park-inspired hotel many times, in the standard rooms. But after hearing a lot about the Golden Forest Club, I was curious to know the rate. And this one being really attractive, I booked an adapted room/Golden Forest Club, for one night and two days, last January.

The Infinity line

To find out the benefits of this reservation, I of course called the Disneyland Paris Infinity line, since I am a holder of this Annual Pass . I would like to point out that it still takes a long time to get in touch. I had to call three times to get the best price and conditions! Indeed, at the first call, I was told the price, and the services attached to this upgrade of rooms, such as breakfast included in the cost and also the snack. The room always has a view of Lake Disney. I was then told that a room was dedicated to the beneficiaries of the Golden Forest Club, allowing them to have these possible snacks.

On the second call, in order to add a person to the reservation, I was asked if I was making this one for a special occasion. I announced that it was for one of us’ birthday. The Cast Member told me, we would get a decoration in one of the rooms. So I was totally on board, it was nice!

Then two other people could join us a few days before the day. I contacted the Infinity line again, and this time, the Cast Member was surprised that I had not been offered the full board package. Which includes three table service restaurants per person, for a price of 68 Euros! Of course, I added this very attractive formula to the initial reservation. I still don’t understand why I had to call three times to be offered all this! I had the feeling that, as usual, each Cast Member never has all the information, nor the knowledge, and the indications which are sometimes contradictory.

The day

golden forest lounge counters

When we arrived at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Hotel, we went to the Golden Forest Club desk. The reception was pleasant and friendly. Everything went well and we were assured that the surprise birthday decoration would be present in one of the two rooms, starting at 4pm, the time we had planned to take possession of it. Being at the hotel around 9:30 am, we were able to enjoy a small snack, not in the Golden Forest Lounge, but in the corridor adjacent to this room. Tables and cutlery are provided for this purpose, since the service stops at 10 am. The Cast Member was really friendly and served us good hot drinks and delicious pastries!

The magic was already with us! ✨thanks to this comforting snack!

Direction Disneyland Parks

We spent this first day between Walt Disney Studios Park and Avengers Campus. We started using our full board coupons by going to lunch at the Pym Kitchen restaurant which offers a table service (all-you-can-eat buffet).

A much appreciated break to regain strength and warm up in this surprising restaurant, which offers a wide variety of flavors with disproportionate portions, where the chefs use Pym particles to transform the size of their ingredients.

I would like to point out that we were also able to take advantage of the line without a reservation. We only had to wait 30 minutes for a table for two to become available for us. This restaurant, works most of the time on reservation.

Some inconveniences

We meet around 4 pm with the other people of our group and in view of the low temperatures, it is with great pleasure that we went to have a warm snack at the Golden Forest Lounge !

golden forest lounge hotel sequoia lodge

Then we all went to our rooms, but there , disappointment, because no birthday decoration was present😔 .

I contacted the reception to explain this inconvenience. I was told that this service was not mandatory, although it was offered to me without my thinking about it or asking for it! The reason for this problem was a logistical one.

I expressed my disappointment, emphasizing our loyalty to Disneyland Paris, following our multiple stays. The Cast Member then asked me to tell her the time slot when we would be leaving our rooms again and that everything possible would be done.

room sequoia lodge golden forest

An evening at Manhattan Restaurant

the manhattan restaurant

I had booked this legendary restaurant located at Disney’s New-York Hotel: The Art of Marvel, last October. We had the pleasure to dine under the chandelier of Asgard which is really worth a visit!

the manhattan restaurant hotel new york the art of marvel

The welcome and service were very friendly. The overall ambiance of this restaurant is chic, understated and elegant with its modern art style, but it is slightly noisy. Its Italian cuisine is tasty and hearty and the presentation of the dishes is attractive. The Cast Members wished my son’s birthday with flair and have a melodious🎶🎶 voice. But despite these gastronomic efforts, and like many Disney restaurants, even “upscale” ones, the food could be much improved. The quality/price ratio remains borderline… In this case, we should not make comparisons with standard restaurants where we can go, in everyday life. But if we book in this type of restaurants, it is for their thematization and the atmosphere. And in this case, we do not regret this experience at all in this hotel.

The birthday cake was delicious, but I think it’s a shame that there wasn’t a wider choice of decorations, depending on the age of the person being celebrated.

spiderman birthday cake

The Cast Members arrive in several to bring this birthday cake in a festive musical atmosphere! They really take their time to make the pictures, but disappointment for the Polaroid picture which is not of good quality!

After dinner in this New York atmosphere, we went to “have a drink” as they say, in the dedicated Golden Forest Lounge. It is comfortable and cozy.

golden forest lounge

Nice surprise in the room!🥳

And since the magic worked this time, we were happily surprised to discover some cool decor when we returned to our room!!! ✨🥳

The dark chocolates are very good! And it’s a great idea to write on the mirror! 🥳🎂

Second and final day of heroism and magic✨

The second day of this stay, began with a generous breakfast! And served in the Golden Forest Lounge. The proposed buffet is really varied, tempting and superbly presented! It is already a treat for the eyes! It awakens the taste buds as soon as you discover it! 😋

The Cast Member who welcomed us the day before, on our arrival, was kind enough to wish my son’s birthday again, singing along with some colleagues and bringing him a plate with treats bearing the effigy of 30 years of the Magic Kingdom. It was a really unexpected and friendly moment! ✨😍

After having taken strength and having enjoyed ourselves, we headed again to Avengers Campus, where we could save the world, and especially meet Iron Man! In short, a place where we took full advantage of this land where the Marvel heroes frequently evolve for the greatest pleasure of their recruits.

Yo ho ! Yo ho !

captain jack’s restaurant

We went to lunch at Captain Jack’s restaurant. The meal was really delicious and atypical as usual, with its Creole flavors and its shellfish. As for the decor, it is incomparable! It’s a pity that there was a minor problem with the Cast Member at the reception. But I want to emphasize that the staff is at the top, to manage perfectly the allergies and food contraindications of the guests. The service was fast and efficient.

We then enjoyed Disneyland Park, and had, as always, stars in our eyes✨

And as all good things must come to an end, we ended our journey at Hunter’s Grill, located on the first floor of the Sequoia Lodge. Once again, the all-you-can-eat buffet offered a wide variety of appetizing dishes, as well as tasty cuts of meat! As for the desserts, we are still salivating! All this in a rustic and family tavern atmosphere.

Goodbye to Mickey’s Kingdom

This trip was filled with magic, heroism and the discovery of new experiences! We were well received at both the attractions and the food venues. The Golden Forest Club won us all over too!

Disneyland hotel

Positive points:

  • The pleasant reception at the Golden Forest Club counter.
  • The Golden Forest Lounge which is comfortable and welcoming as well as its staff!
  • The birthday decoration in the room.
  • Access to the Pym Kitchen without reservation.
  • The food and kindness of the Cast Members for food allergies at Captain Jack’s restaurant.
  • The show Dream… and Shine Brighter as sparkling as ever!

Negative points:

  • Random knowledge from Cast Members of the Infinity line and other Disneyland Paris services, regarding various topics.
  • The laborious process of obtaining and purchasing privilege tickets!
  • The somewhat complicated system for accessing the Hero Training Center at Avengers Campus. Although it may be easier to complain than to find the perfect solution.
  • At Manhattan Restaurant: the lack of choice of Marvel themed decoration on the birthday cake. And the poor quality of the Polaroid group photo for a birthday party.
  • The direction of the parking of the Golden Forest Club is not indicated contrary to what we were told during the reservation by phone.

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