Disney’s Fantillusion Parade : technical data

Just thinking about it, I’m sure the memory of this parade still makes your eyes shine! Find out what’s behind the magic of this glittering parade!

Disney’s fantillusion parade logo

Technical data

  • Name: Disney’s Fantillusion Parade
  • Opening date: July, 5th 2003
  • Closing date: September, 2th 2012
  • Situation: parade route of the Disneyland Park (Paris)
  • Type of parade: night parade
  • Type of floats: electric floats
  • Number of floats: 12
  • Time: 30 min
  • Creator: John Haupt (producer of parades – The Walt Disney Company)
  • Theme: the struggle of good against evil
  • Number of acts: 3
    • The Enchanted Fairy Garden
    • The Evil Villains
    • The Happy Ending
  • Number of show stop: 3
    • The Fairy Garden Fantasy (Mickey and the three fairies invoke magic through magical gardens where we see magical insects)
    • The Light Turns Into Night and the Ghouls Dance (each villain is transformed: Ursula into a gigantic octopus, Jafar into a snake and Maleficent into a dragon)
    • The Happy Ending (the princely couples rise on their floats for a last waltz)
  • Music : Fantillusion theme of Bruce Healey
  • Godmother of the parade: Ornella Muti (Italian actress)
  • Materials used: 400,000 bulbs connected by about 60km of cables
  • Consumption at each parade: 9 tons of battery and 600 liters of liquid nitrogen for the smoke effects
  • Other park where the parade was played: Tokyo Disney Resort (from July 21, 1995 to May 15, 2001)

Listen to the music of this fantastic parade:

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