The reopening of Disneyland Hotel


As planned, the resort’s flagship hotel officially reopened its doors on Thursday 25 January 2024!

The much-heralded renovation plan for this hotel has finally come to an end, and it was with undisguised enthusiasm that this royal address revealed its transformation!

Emotion and Magic on the programme

The enchanting new Disneyland Hotel, located at the entrance to Disneyland Park, now invites all its visitors, even the youngest, to experience an immersive journey right to the heart of Disney’s royal stories. It combines an unrivalled sense of hospitality, a culinary experience that will appeal to gourmets, and an entertainment offer that only Disney can provide!

A few images from this day like no other

Mickey welcomed his Guests in regal attire✨.

A few members of our team had booked a room in this princely 5-star setting. Here’s a summary of what they were able to discover.

From discovering the 1,000-faceted chandelier that evokes the magic of the Disney universe, to the different rooms, restaurants, Cast Members’ costumes that change throughout the day, and the hotel boutique with its sublime items… they had a wonderful time throughout this exceptional day!

In a few days’ time, we’ll be publishing a more detailed and complete account of this memorable day at the Disneyland Hotel, as well as the experiences of some of us who stayed there.

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