From our archives (ep 1)

Passionate about the history and memorabilia of Disneyland Paris? Today we are launching a new series of articles, in which we open our vault to find some historical – and vintage – surprises. For this first issue, let’s dive into the destination’s first “guest book”!

From the “Grand Opening” of Euro Disneyland in 1992 to the years that followed, many celebrities flocked to Marne-la-Vallรฉe. Among them, George Lucas, Michael J. Fox, Johnny Hallyday, Robin Williams, Rosanna Arquette, Rick Moranis, Dick Rivers… and many others! Several of them have left a mark in our guestbook, whether to evoke their magical experience or to write a nice note to the Cast Members.

This guestbook starts as it should on April 11, 1992 (Mondovision broadcast day), and runs until 1997 (5th anniversary).

See you soon for a new episode of “From our archives” where we will share other finds related to the history of our destination!

Chip & Dale
I'm a huge fan of the Disney universe, and I love collecting all kinds of products. One sure thing is that over the years my collection has grown. My greatest dream would be to be able to go on a world tour of the Disney parks. I particularly like the Disney theme parks, and I like to find the smallest secrets.