“Make some Magic”, the reopening song by Scott Erickson

Did you know ? The theme song “Make some Magic”, composed by Scott Erickson, is played several times a day in Disneyland Park. You may recognize it, because the original version had already been used in Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris a few years ago. For this new version which celebrates the reopening of our resort, there are several changes:

  • Music has been rearranged
  • Different parts of bass and drums have been lightened
  • The instrumental part alternates solo guitar and synthesizer
  • There are almost 10 different versions of the song of different lengths depending on when it is used (jingles, instrumental version etc)
  • 2 acoustic guitars have been added to the version that accompanies the fountains of the Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Lyrics have been changed
  • All voices have been redone, and new recordings have been made remotely
  • It took a week to arrange and re-record the song
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