The Symphony of Colors is revealed

The symphony of colours is unveiled at Disneyland Paris: an electric drone parade, a new show and new decorations for a colourful start to the new year at Disneyland Paris!

Visitors will be able to start the year in the best possible way with Disney’s Symphony of Colour, a series of new features launched progressively over the weeks to add a healthy dose of colour to the winter doldrums at the beginning of the year. On the programme: a new night-time drone sequence, a new daytime show and brand new decorations.

Symphony of Colours, “Dream your life in colour, it’s the secret of happiness”.

This cult quote from Peter Pan (1953) will be more meaningful than ever from 8 January 2024 at Disneyland Park. Visitors will be able to start the year in the best possible way with Disney’s Symphony of Colours, a series of new attractions that will be launched progressively over the weeks, adding a healthy dose of colour to the winter doldrums at the beginning of the year. On the programme: a new night-time drone sequence, a new daytime show and brand new decorations!

Symphony of Colours, a parade of electric drones to light up the sky

From 8 January 2024, Disney Symphony of Colours will kick off with a bang for guests, with Disney Electrical Sky Parade, allowing them to experience a night-time parade of drones in the sky! This feat will be made possible by an exceptional new night-time show combining synchronised drones, video projections, lights and fountains across Sleeping Beauty Castle. The sky will be transformed into a palette of colours, thanks to the vibrant illuminations above the castle.

This new event will be a vibrant tribute to the Main Street Electrical Parade***, the night-time experience that marked the history of Disneyland Paris when it was performed at Disneyland Park from 1992 to 2003. It’s a chance for nostalgic fans to relive their childhood, and for younger visitors to discover this icon of the Disney Parks in a brand new version.

Up to 500 drones will take to the skies in the guise of illuminated floats, symbolising the various icons of the Main Street Electrical Parade***: Mickey and his friends’ dazzling train, Elliott the adorable dragon and Cinderella’s carriage. The unmissable electro-synthetic-magnetic music, played in a revisited version, will once again set the tempo for this extraordinary festival of nocturnal magic and enchantment.

To create “Disney Electrical Sky Parade “, the Disneyland Paris show teams have once again collaborated with Dronisos, the official technology supplier to Disneyland Paris and a pioneer and European leader in drone shows based in France, the United States and the Middle East. This breathtaking new show will follow in the footsteps of recent night-time productions such as Disney D-Light, Avengers: Power the Night* and the impressive drone show performed on 14 July 2023.

*until 30 September 2024 ** Disney’s Electric Parade in the Sky *** Main Street Electric Parade

Symphony of Colours, a new show celebrating Disney Animation and Pixar

From 10 February 2024*, visitors will be able to enjoy a colourful musical experience in a new high-energy daytime show celebrating Disney Animation and Pixar films, with a host of characters: A Million Splashes of Colour.

Vêtus de leurs nouvelles tenues hautes en couleurs, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy ou encore Dingo prendront part aux festivités sur Central Plaza, en compagnie de nombreux Personnages Disney et Pixar emblématiques tels que Joie (Vice-Versa), Timon (Le Roi Lion), Vaiana (Vaiana, la Légende du Bout du Monde) ou encore Mirabel (Encanto) et la nouvelle héroïne Disney Asha (WISH – Asha et la bonne étoile).*

Dressed in their colourful new outfits, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy will be taking part in the festivities in Central Plaza, along with a host of iconic Disney and Pixar Characters such as Joy (Inside Out), Timon (The Lion King), Vaiana (Moana), Mirabel (Encanto) and the new Disney heroine Asha (WISH ).*.

Art, music and writing

Different colourful floats will be inspired by the elements at the heart of Disney and Pixar stories: art, music and writing. Each of the floats will have its own visual identity and will be packed with Disney details and references. For example, visitors will recognise the float dedicated to art by its many giant paintbrushes and oversized paint pots, whose labels will be a nod to certain Disney Characters.

The music will play a central role in setting the pace for this celebration, combining two original scores and a mashup* of many iconic Disney and Pixar songs, in specially arranged versions. From “The Bare Necessities” (The Jungle Book) to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” (Encanto) and “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” (Toy Story 1), this selection of songs will delight young and old alike, celebrating songs that have marked many generations.

The profusion of colours will also be expressed through the costumes and make-up of the show’s dancers. A total of 30 dancers and Disney and Pixar characters will be on hand to bring visitors a colourful and warm atmosphere every day.

Discover Mickey’s new costume for the show: A Million Splashes of Colour :

*Disney’s Electric Parade in the Sky ** The Avengers light up the night ***Until 30 September 2024 ****A Million Colours

Symphony of Colours, Enchanting decorations on Main Street, U.S.A.

A must-see when visiting Disneyland Park, Main Street, U.S.A. will welcome brand new colourful decorations from 10 February 2024*: The land will be decked out in colourful touches, sparkling lights and flowers with dazzling decorations, brightening up the winter thanks to the stardust of Tinker Bell and her twin sister, Cristalline. A nod to the wonders of nature in both winter and spring, these new décor elements draw their inspiration from Art Nouveau and celebrate the richness of Disney stories.

More than 50 Disney and Pixar characters will be represented, including Donald, Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), Elsa (Frozen) and Woody (Toy Story). The main sites on Main Street U.S.A., such as the Gazebo and Main Street Station, will be redecorated to celebrate the Disney Symphony of Colours. These decorations, devised by the Disneyland Paris scenography teams, are being created in collaboration with French craftsmen combining different types of expertise such as sculpture and ornament modelling.

*Compilation **until 5 May 2024