A Mickey Bottle

Perhaps you have an empty glass bottle (such as a wine bottle) that hasn’t been recycled yetโ€ฆ
Here is a quick and easy tutorial to transform it into a carafe featuring our favourite mouse!


โ€ข A clean, empty glass bottle
โ€ข Specialist stained glass paint or, failing that, black, yellow and red acrylic paint
โ€ข A paintbrush and sticky tape

Materials: empty bottle, brush, paint, tape, and container


โ€ข After cleaning the wine bottle well and removing the labels that were stuck to it, place a tape to delineate the two colours (about 2/3 black and 1/3 red)
โ€ข Paint the lower third red. Apply a second coat as soon as the first is dry

The bottle is half painted red
On commence par la partie infรฉrieure de la bouteille

โ€ข When the second layer is dry, you can remove the tape
โ€ข Switch to black. The red will have a slight outline to make the two colours stand out. You can add tape flush with it for extra security so that the two colours are well demarcated
โ€ข The same procedure is used for black: two layers are painted

โ€ข Once the black colour is dry, all you have to do is make the two circles (or oval shapes) to represent the buttons on Mickey’s trousers!
You can use a cork as a stamp.

final result, the bottle is finished

And here is the result! If you wish, you can apply a small coat of varnish once the bottle is dry.

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