Captain America

Captain America – Express Bio :

Captain America is an iconic character in the Marvel universe.

Character of Captain America
  • Steven « Steve » Rogers, known as « Captain America »
  • The first appearance of comics bearing his name was on 20th December 1940.
  • 1960: Captain America became part of the Avengers.
  • 2011: the Captain America comics ranked 6th in a list of the 100 best comics.
  • Created as a patriotic figure in the context of the Second World War, even before the United States of America joined the conflict.
  • In his earliest adventures, his companion was James Barnes, alias Bucky and his ally was the Falcon.


  • The character of Captain America is a patriotic invention who opposed the Nazi regime. It proved extremely popular, even though the US had not yet entered the war.
Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are the two authors who created the original character:
  • Born on 4th July 1917, Steven Rogers comes from a poor Irish immigrant family and grew up during the Great Depression. He is passionate about art (he has a love for fine art) and is often the chosen victim of his classmates (he is tall but slight). He lost his father as a child, and his motherduring his last year of high school.
  • While majoring in comic book writing and illustration, he decided to join the Army to defeat Nazism. He was then considered too thin to join the military forces. However, he did not give up on his plan and it is by strength of perseverance that he ends up being noticed to take part in the« Renaissance » project and to be administered the SSS, that is to say the « Serum of the Super Soldier ».
  • The experience is a huge success: Rogers becomes as intelligent as he does strong, agile and enduring. He is enlisted in the Army as a basic soldier in order to become a symbol of strength and courage for his comrades. His companion in arms is James Barnes. Their first mission was to arrest a Nazi named “Red Skull”.
Actor Chris Evans in the Captain America costume, shield in hand
  • Steven Rogers doesn’t possess supernatural powers as such. However, thanks to the injection of the « Super Soldier Serum », he has become very strong, very agile, very brave, very intelligent, very fast and has impressive reflexes.
  • His costume, in the colours of the American flag, reflects the character’s patriotic side. It is fireproof. Complimenting his costume, he possesses a shield which is initially triangular, before taking on the shape we all know so well and which is practically indestructible.
  • Steven Rogers is particularly close to James Barnes, his companion in arms, as well as the Falcon who he chooses as his successor for the role of the Captain.
Actor Chris Evans in the Captain America costume, shield in hand and running
  • Captain America made his first appearance in the comic bearing his name on 20th December 1940. It was immediately met with great success.
  • However, by the 1950s, the comics had fallen out of fashion and political characters like the Captain were no longer attractive. Despite several attempts to revive the comics under different titles, Captain America stopped at issue number 78.
  • It wasn’t until 1963 when the character would reappear alongside the Avengers who recover him from a state of hibernation. He then quickly becomes one of the most emblematic members of the Avengers and once again embodies the role of hero of his own series.
  • The character of Captain America within the MCU in played by Chris Evans.

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