Reopening of Disneyland Paris, our opinions.

After months of closure, Disneyland Paris officially reopened on June 17th. Annual pass holders were able to discover the park from 15 June. How did the reopening go? Sanitary measures, queues, constraints, overall experience, they took part in a short questionnaire. Our reporters give their first impressions.

L'entrée  de Disneyland Paris lors de la réouverture

Reopening – Arrival at Disneyland Paris

Exceptionally low waiting time, speed, fluidity, our editors are unanimous, the arrival at Disneyland Paris went well.

Did you wait longer or shorter than usual to go through the security checks at the entrance?

“I didn’t wait at all with an arrival through the village and at 9.30am” Sandra

“No very few people and really very fluid. I came on the 17th and 18th of June.” Estelle

“The wait seemed shorter than usual, everything was very fast and smooth. In just a few minutes we were able to pass into the controlled area.” Codi

“No, all the checkpoints were open.” Floflo Reporter

“No, I even waited less than usual. MinnieSmart

The entrance to the Walt Disney Studios with the Mickey and the Sorcerer's Apprentice fountain
Did you feel a change when you arrived at the Park?

“I found the Casts to be much more responsive and empathetic. You could feel that they were happy to come back and welcome us back. On the other hand, on the studio side, the magic seemed less present.” Floflo Reporter

“No, and everything was perfect. Everything was perfect, the flower beds were beautiful, the rest unchanged. Great welcome in Town Square with the characters and the hedge with the cast-members on Main Street. “MinnieSmart

“The new park gates give a sense of fluidity and add a more pleasant dimension to the park upon arrival. Once inside, it was as if you had never left: the pleasure was the same. The covered castle was enough to make the view as impressive as ever, and the new ‘Brand New Day’ music helped create an immediate sense of happiness.” Codi

“No, not really. The sight of the covered castle was a bit sad after all that time without coming to the park. Still, I totally understand the need to rehabilitate it but even so it was a bit disappointing, although the tarpaulin was particularly good.” Sandra

“Barriers. There are more before you enter the park at the Disneyland Hotel.” Estelle

“Yes, as soon as we arrived at the Fantasia Gardens, it was brilliant, especially as the weather was very nice. The blue of the pools stood out a lot. Then the change in the gates!” Giulia

The Main Street station was decorated with a giant medallion featuring Mickey and Minnie, for the reopening of Disneyland Paris

Reopenin of Disneyland Paris – General impressions

Emotions and even tears, our reporters did not deny themselves the pleasure of returning to Disneyland Paris, and the shortcomings, which could have been obvious in normal circumstances, were quickly erased by the joy of this return to “home”. Special mention for the cast members, all of whom were judged to be wonderful by our reporters.

Were the waiting times at the attractions pleasant compared to a normal July?

“Yes, nice. Not much to look forward to.” Sandra

“I came during the PA days so it is incomparable with a “normal” month” Giulia

“The longest wait was 40 minutes at Crush Coaster and the shortest was 5 minutes at the TOT (The Hollywood Tower Hotel). Estelle

“During the week, as well as at weekends, the wait times were quite short and allowed a large number of attractions to be done each day. Some were a little more in demand, particularly Buzz following its reopening, but the wait times were still decent and much more affordable than what we were used to outside of Covid.” Codi

“Definitely! The only concern, on a very personal level, is that the plexiglass seems very oppressive to me.” Floflo Reporter

Did you have a good day? How do you feel about your return to the Park?

“I had a good day. The return to the park was much anticipated. The heat spoiled the day a bit by making me “soft”. I had the impression that I was doing very little. But DLP is not responsible for that! I also didn’t like the welcome music. I found it less festive. It was a bit of a let down in terms of excitement.” Sandra

“Return to Disneyland Paris was great and full of positive emotions. The park itself was glowing, the emotion of the casts was palpable, and seeing the smiles of every guest again made for a magical time. The whole day went really well. Annual Pass days allowed us to quickly notice what was not working and to correct it, thus allowing a smooth opening for the grand re-opening! The return of the magicshot and selfie spot was also a real pleasure, and discovering new ones gave a feeling of rediscovery of the park! “Codi

“Yes, two wonderful days and tears on Main Street. A real pleasure to be back in the park.” Estelle

“I felt like I was back home. It was a good day and it’s good to be back. There is a lot to do between the magic shots, the selfie spots, the attractions, the shops (even if there were not many new ones), walking on main street and in the park, etc… And the weather was great too!” Floflo Reporter

“The overall feeling is very good especially with the energy of the casts, the pleasure of coming back to the park. The Buzz lightyear laser blast attraction is more beautiful than ever! With the good weather, the park is even more resplendent. “Giulia

“Yes, very nice day. This reopening must have been a lot of work.” MinnieSmart

A cast member  greets us
What do you think could be improved? Did you have a negative experience today? 

“No, nothing special. The cast members were great.” Sandra

“No negative experiences, only happiness! Estelle

“It is very difficult to answer this question as the emotion was so strong, and the simple joy of being back masked the slightest flaws. For a more dynamic opening, a wider catering offer could have helped to amplify this feeling of not knowing where to turn. More guidance on the location of the magic shots could also help to organise the day, but stumbling upon one of these spaces at random makes for a nice surprise! So the experience was clearly positive and the day will remain a great memory.” Codi

“Quite a few attractions down (BTM, Pirates, etc.) probably due to the heat and resumption of activities but it didn’t spoil the day.” Giulia

“I didn’t feel like there was that much new in terms of characters. It was promised that you would be able to take a picture with 50 of them and I didn’t feel like that was possible. The surprise tank releases were a bit flat for my taste. The Cars version of the studio tram tour was rather disappointing as it seemed rather empty. But apart from these points, everything was good and I had a very good day. Floflo Reporter

“The reliability of the entrance gates in both parks, the maintenance of the attractions. “MinnieSmart

Mickey crosses Main Street Usa

Health measures

Masks, gel, plexiglass, the barrier measures are generally well respected and do not spoil the party! The mask remains hard to bear for a whole day in the parks.

Are the sanitary measures easy to understand and to respect?

“Yes, everything is really easy to comply with, there is plenty of hydro-alcoholic gel available.” Estelle

“Yes. No problem with that.” Sandra

“Yes, Disneyland Paris has made great efforts on this subject.” Giulia

“The health measures are posted everywhere and are very easy to understand. The rule is the same for everyone and everywhere, which ensures that there is no mistake. Only bad faith could allow for not understanding since the park has done an effective job on this side, and the casts are exemplary in enforcing the rules.” Codi

“Yes, completely, it’s very clear: there are pictograms, it’s written in French, in English, there are announcements, and the cases also remind us of the rules on the park. “Floflo Reporter

A flowerbed in Discoveryland
Did the sanitary measures prevent you from having a good day?

“Wearing the mask in the heat was complicated. Yet I wear it every day at work. But it is a necessary measure.” Sandra

“Not at all. Some people may feel bad though as the queues (especially BTM) are tighter. The plexi additions this year are overall well thought out and don’t degrade the experience too much (even in Star tours or Ratatouille). Still, it’s not ideal to combine the mask with the 3d glasses, but you have to go through that…” Giulia

“The distance allows you to breathe in the waiting lines without feeling like you are suffocating, and hydro-alcoholic gel is available in every corner of the park to ensure ideal conditions. So the rules are not a constraint. The only drawback might be the wearing of a mask on wet days: the mist on the glasses quickly accumulates. But all these rules make it possible to feel perfectly safe for a magical day! Codi

“It was hot, so the mask was not always pleasant, but we can’t say that it really bothered. The negative point comes rather from the plexiglass in certain attractions which sometimes break the visibility and in some cases prevent total immersion. The distancing stickers on the floor are also very appreciable and clearer than before.” Floflo Reporter

“No. It’s true that when it’s hot, wearing a mask quickly becomes difficult… ” MinnieSmart

A pennant and flower baskets decorating a lamp post on Main Street
On the whole, do the guests respect the instructions?

“Yes. But I think PA members were more likely to comply with these instructions after so much waiting.” Sandra

“The majority do, after that there are people who still have a bit of trouble. But the cast-members are there to make them respect it.” Estelle

“Most of the guests are respectful. I have seen some of them take off their masks for a photo, but this is quite anecdotal. Occasionally, guests do not respect the distances in the attraction queues, but this is quite rare and therefore does not cause a feeling of insecurity.” Codi

“In general yes, but there are still a lot of guests with the mask under their nose, who take it off for photos, and who do not respect the distance with the stickers.” Floflo Reporter

“A little less than last year: difficulties to respect the distance in spite of the markings on the ground and I noticed that the masks are more often lowered. The fact that wearing a mask outdoors (apart from exceptions such as DLP) must perhaps play a role… I could see a different behaviour of the guests between the PA day on the 15th and the one I just came back from: the PAs were more respectful of the measures.” Giulia

Reopening of Disneyland Paris – Restaurants and characters

The offer is generally considered to be identical. It should be noted that Disneyland Paris always offers the same characters on meet and greets, a recurrent and long-standing criticism.

Jack Sparrow greets us from a balcony
What do you think of the meetings with the characters? 

“The experience is pretty much the same as when it reopened, although it’s a shame not to see more characters! With the exception of Mickey and his friends in the Nautilus, we always find the same ones. This may seem a little redundant when you come often, but it is the assurance of having characters that are known and that please those who come little. The selfie spot experience is still fun and enjoyable, and it doesn’t break the magic and interaction with the characters.” Codi

“I find it good and the waiting times are much shorter than before. On the other hand, it’s always the same characters which is quite unfortunate, and the protective barriers, although understandable, spoil part of the experience for me.” Floflo Reporter

“It was very good. Not a lot of waiting around. And a real effort on the number of characters to meet.” Sandra

“Really great and always a real pleasure to meet the characters.” Estelle

Did you eat at the restaurant, and if so, did you appreciate the new services offered?

“I ate at the Last Chance. And I’m not going back.” Sandra

“I’ve had the opportunity to try out quite a few restaurants since the reopening and the offer seems to be very similar to what was done before. The prices of the menus have become round, but the dishes are still as good as ever. It is a pity that some restaurants still have their doors closed. Note that it is now compulsory to register for covid standards. This can be done on paper or by a QR code system. Unfortunately, many guests have had problems with this code, which apparently does not accept scanners. It’s a pity, the idea was good and would have allowed a real fluidity.” Codi

“I have eaten on the park and it remains more or less the same as when it first reopened. As far as the all-you-can-eat buffets are concerned, I regret the table service which causes waste, even if I understand it since it avoids the mixing of people in this covid period.” Floflo Reporter

“Convenient to have the menu on the app but I haven’t tested any other services yet.” Giulia

“Yes, and no problem. “MinnieSmart

The new Food Truck at Walt Disney Studios

What about the next part?

Are you already planning to come back, or do you think you will come back later, when conditions are back to normal?

“Not many visits planned this summer as it will be more crowded, I’m more of a fan of ‘quiet’ days in the park during the week back to school” Giulia

“I’m going back in July!” Sandra

“Yes, I already have several dates booked. “MinnieSmart

“I obviously plan to come back, even before normalcy returns, as it is still a magical experience even in covid times. It’s always a pleasure to be on the park!” Floflo Reporter

“I will be back several times in the summer without any hesitation.” Estelle

“As a regular visitor to the park, I am planning to return soon, and I am already looking forward to my next visit. Despite the situation, Disneyland Resort Paris has been able to adapt its offer accordingly and propose alternatives that are both practical and pleasant. So the experience does not seem to have deteriorated. Although the desire to see shows and parades again is strong, and we all miss hugging the characters, Disney has managed to offer the best within the constraints they have imposed on themselves. “Codi

Would you recommend people to come?

“Yes. Health standards don’t prevent you from having a good day.” Sandra

“I would say yes. If you only come once every ten years, you might as well wait a bit for things to get back to normal and not have any impact, but overall, given the situation, it would often be difficult to do better, and the experience offered is still wonderful.” Codi

“Yes, without hesitation.” Estelle

“Even if there are no shows or real parades, many other alternatives such as magic shots, selfie spots or surprise outings make the experience different, but still magical. There are also fewer people at the attractions, which makes it possible to do all the attractions in one day.” Floflo Reporter

 Dumbo Flying elephant attraction
What advice would you give to people who are going to visit the Park in the coming days/weeks?

“Download the park’s app to find out about waiting times and prepare your schedule for the day.” Giulia

“Enjoying the attractions with fewer people and meeting more rare characters.” Sandra

“To provide masks, to respect the rules and above all to experience all the magical moments at Disneyland Paris.” Estelle

“Enjoy your stay, and watch the weather. We’ve had scorching heat with the sun beating down one day, then thunderstorms and downpours the next. So a tube of sun cream and an umbrella can always be useful. But apart from that, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the park, even those who didn’t charge their phone before arriving can now do so once they’ve arrived. So everything is ready for a serene stay! Codi

“I would advise them to book and be sure to tell them there are no shows.” MinnieSmart

“Take water as it gets hot on sunny days, and don’t hesitate to take an umbrella just in case as the weather at Disney can be very rough at times. Also take external batteries as the phone charge can quickly drop. Also remember to book your restaurants in advance. Floflo Reporter

A set in the shape of the Eiffel Tower from the new Cars Road Trip attraction
Any particular comment? 

“Don’t waste time at the new Cars Road Trip attraction!” Sandra

“Not to hesitate to go to the park, and to have fun especially, there is little waiting.” Estelle

“I can’t wait to get back to the park to experience the enthusiasm of the guests and the kindness of the cast members. Thank you to the cast members for your good mood and your welcome, it plays a huge part in making a good day on the park.” Codi and Floflo Reporter

“For my part, I was disappointed with the Cars Road trip attraction, which only contains the canyon scene. I don’t really understand the choice of storytelling. There is a clear difference in activity during the week vs. the weekend: no magic shot, World of Disney opens later… Knowing that Disney exceptionally considers this period as “low season”, this may explain it…” Giulia

“The booking procedure was laborious. And even though it’s easier said than done, given the sanitary procedure that has to be followed, it’s a real shame that the timetables for surprise passes of floats or whatever in the parks are not communicated.” MinnieSmart

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