Captain Hook

Captain Hook is a fictional character who has been portrayed by many actors. He appeared in the 1953 Disney Studios animated feature Peter Pan in the United States.

Bio Express :

  • Full name: James Hook
  • First appearance : 1904 ( theater ) 1911 ( novel )
  • Other names : Killian Jones in the Once upon a time series
  • Played by : Gerald du Maunier in the original 1904 play, Dustin Hoffman in ‘ Hook ‘, Jason Isaac in ‘ Peter Pan ‘ in 2003, Colin O’Donoghue in ‘ Once upon a time ‘ or Jude Law who will lend him his features in the ‘ Peter Pan & Wendy ‘ yarn planned on Disney+ in 2023.
  • We know him as Captain Hook.

In details :

  • There are few details about James’ youth. It is known, however, that he was born in England, that he attended Eton College and Balliol College. It is during the 20th century that he meets Peter Pan. A fight broke out and the young man cut off his enemy’s hand with a sword and fed it to a huge crocodile. Thus was born the nickname of Captain Hook.
  • Since that day Hook has had a visceral hatred for Peter Pan but also a fear of the crocodile who seeks to finish what has been started.
  • Hook is described as wearing a long black curly wig, wearing a long red jacket and a hook on his right hand. His blood is of an ‘unusual’ color, which frightens Hook himself. J.M. Barrie describes him as ‘the most beautiful man he has ever seen, but also, perhaps, the most disgusting. ‘
the actor Colin O'Donoghue in costume of the captain hook in the series once upon a time
Colin O’Donoghue
  • The Captain is never far from his trusty Jolly Roger, a ship as lavish as its captain. Among his crew, one of his most famous pirates, and perhaps the only friend James has in Neverland, is William Smee. He is recognizable by his red cap and sailor’s hat.
  • In the novel ‘ Peter Darling ‘ Peter returns to Neverland to find a Captain Hook and lost children quite different from those he left ten years ago to become again the one his parents want him to be : Wendy Darling. Throughout the novel we discover a Captain Hook more sensitive, funny, prickly and under the charm of the flying boy.
  • Many adaptations have been made of this character, all more or less different. Hook loses his hook because of Peter. He tries to take revenge on him, going so far as to kidnap his children or wanting to kidnap Wendy. But he ends up making a mistake and kidnapping his daughter. In the series Once Upon a Time it is not Peter who cuts the hand of Hook but Rumpelstilskin to avenge the betrayal of Killian.
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