Mordu or Mor’du is a character from the Pixar Studios film Brave, released in 2012.

Bio Express:

  • Mor’du, also written as Mordu.
  • First appeared in the Pixar’s Brave, released in 2012.
  • A bear with tall stature and dark fur, in human form an imposing prince with long dark hair.
  • The eldest of four brothers.
  • Tempted by greed, power and greatness.
  • As a bear, taller than other animals and possesses supernatural strength.
  • Lives in the mountains around DunBroch, in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Enemy of Merida’s father, King Fergus, since Mordu destroyed the king’s leg in an attack.
Mor'du in his bear form ready to attack Merida

In Detail:

  • Mordu was created for Brave by directors Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews.
  • The story of Mordu was invented for the Pixar movie, but it’s based on Scottish myths and legends the writers/directors discovered while researching in Scotland.
  • Brave’s story of Merida, her mum, the witch and Mordu was also inspired by traditional fairy tales in the style of the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen.
  • The name Mordu is similar to the Gaelic words mòr (great) and dubh (black). Both of these words reflect the character’s appearance and tendency towards power and darkness.
  • Released in June 2012, Brave is Pixar’s 13th feature film, and was directed by Chapman and Andrews, with co-director Steve Purcell. The movie was written by Chapman, Andrews, Purcell and Irene Mecchi.
  • Brenda Chapman became the first female director of a feature length Pixar movie with Brave, while Merida is Pixar’s first female lead character.
  • A Pixar short called The Legend of Mor’du was released with the Blu-ray and DVD of Brave in autumn 2012. It tells the story in more detail.
  • The Legend of Mor’du was directed by Brian Larsen and uses hand-drawn stills along with digital animation.
  • Mordu’s growls and snarls were provided by voice actor Frank Welker.
  • Unlike many animated animal characters in the Disney and Pixar movies, Mordu cannot talk.
  • The Brave villain has lived in the kingdom since an earlier time. It’s hinted that he has lived in bear form for centuries.
Mor'du in his prince form is threatening and holds weapons
  • In human form, Mordu carries two axes. The weapons also appear on his family crest.
  • Mordu is driven by the need for strength and power, and shows rage. When he continues to make the wrong choices as a human, he is turned into a bear.
  • In his bear form, Mordu possesses super strength and is able to resist most attacks by humans. However, he can pick up scars.
  • In the Pixar Mor’du short, we learn that the prince was the oldest of four brothers who were destined to inherit the kingdom.
  • When their father, the ancient king, dies, he wants the brothers to rule together as four pillars but Mor’du wants to rule alone.
  • The Legend of Mor’du also echoes the clan gathering plot of Brave, with three clans joining Merida’s. Like Mordu and his brothers, the clans are more successful when they work together than when they argue.
  • In Brave, King Fergus and Mordu’s rivalry begins when the bear tries to attack young Merida and Queen Elinor. Fergus saves them, but is injured and vows to take revenge on Mordu.
  • It’s revealed in Brave that Mordu sought out the services of the woodcarving witch, like Merida. His story acts as a warning to Merida, as she learns that spells can act a way you don’t expect.
  • Between Brave and The Legend of Mor’du, we learn that Mordu’s strength comes from a potion brewed by the witch Merida also visits.
  • He asked for the strength of ten men, but was given a choice between continuing with the spell or healing his family bond.
  • Merida follows will o’ the wisps both times she encounters Mordu. She is following the blue spirits into the woods when he attacks the first time, and later the will o’ the wisps lead her to the woodcarver’s cottage.
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