Disneyland Paris unveils new features

A summer under the sign of Pixar to celebrate the Grand Final of the 30th Anniversary in style

More than ever, Disneyland Paris is embracing the strength and popularity of the Pixar franchises to reinvent the theme park experience and continue to surprise visitors. At Disneyland Park, the Pizzeria Bella Note restaurant has recently undergone a major refurbishment including an expansion of its capacity, with the addition of a new room inspired by the animated film Luca. The Mexican-style restaurant Fuente Del Oro, located in Frontierland, will be transformed in the theme of the animated film Coco by the summer. The new Casa de Coco – Restaurante de Familia will showcase Miguel, the hero of the animated film, his passion for music and his love for his family members, through a brand new design.

At Walt Disney Studios Park, the Worlds of Pixar land will host a new set this summer for great photo opportunities. Walt Disney Imagineering Paris has worked with Pixar artists to transform the former Toon Plaza into a more immersive, Pixar-flavoured setting. In this fantasy-filled space, a new 3D background will feature many characters from the Pixar universe, including Fam and Flack from the new Pixar film Elementary, which will be released this summer! And of course, once the area reopens, you’ll be able to meet many of the most popular Pixar characters.

An update on TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure

As a culmination of the new Pixar shows in the parks, a new show, TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure, will be performed this summer in Studio Theater, a state-of-the-art theatre in the heart of Walt Disney Studios Park. Lasting approximately 30 minutes, it will tell a touching and original story as Pixar knows how, through several creative tableaux, immersing the audience in iconic Pixar universes, from Toy Story to Monsters & Co. and many more… In addition to incredible new stage effects and innovative choreography, music will play a special role in the show with the presence of an 8-piece band, performing live original music as well as iconic Pixar themes. For this show, Disneyland Paris Live Entertainment’s talented and award-winning* teams have collaborated with professionals from the music and dance industry, for a result that promises to be moving and unforgettable!

Iconic attractions still magnified

In an effort to preserve and continuously improve the visitor experience, Disneyland Paris has confirmed the upcoming reopening of two attractions currently closed for renovation.

The ‘happiest cruise in the world’ will make its return when ‘it’s a small world’ reopens on 5 May, along with its iconic musical anthem. A true celebration of the diversity of our world, the attraction has been a favourite with visitors for over thirty years. Special care has been taken to preserve its magic by making it shine as brightly as on the first day.

Walt Disney Imagineering Paris collaborated with Disneyland Paris’ central and maintenance workshops to maintain the attraction’s unique “Disney” artistic heritage. From finishing the dolls, painting their faces, to restoring all the costumes and accessories, a wide range of expertise was brought to bear on this mammoth task. In total, more than 300 dolls were refreshed, plus all the animal figures, animated props, more than a hundred toys… The attraction’s lighting was also modernised and, on the outside, the colours of the façade originally designed by Imagineering legends Rolly Crump and Mary Blair for the Disneyland Resort in California were revived.

Finally, as part of the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, new wheelchair dolls have been added to several scenes in the attraction. This is another step in Disneyland Paris’ ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming destination for all.

The Mysteries of the Nautilus, an attraction that allows visitors to discover the interior of the famous submarine, will reopen this summer at Discoveryland after a complete overhaul, from the numerous sets and props to the improved lighting and sound system, and the updating of one of its most spectacular effects: the discovery of the underwater world in Captain Nemo’s Great Hall!

While we’re at Discoveryland, it was recently announced that new stories and characters will be added to the Star Tours attraction in 2024 at three Disney destinations around the world, including Disneyland Paris. Since its debut at the Disneyland Resort in 1987 as the first Star Wars-themed attraction in a Disney Park, Star Tours has continually traveled to new destinations as this galaxy of stories has expanded. Disneyland Paris looks forward to continuing this tradition next year with brand new adventures.

Frozen land

As Imagineers from Paris and beyond are hard at work transforming Walt Disney Studios Park, which celebrated its 21st anniversary last month, many exciting milestones happened these past few weeks! Take a look by yourselves with this new video we have just released on our YouTube channel:

As you can see, over at the Frozen-themed land, the kingdom of Anna and Elsa is taking shape and reaching for the sky more and more every day. Nearby the Arendelle Castle, the teams have welcomed their very first trees, giving a whole new life to the construction site. To recreate the atmosphere of a Norwegian Fjörd, the area development and construction teams chose to use majestic conifers, and more particularly sequoia trees, which reach seven meters in height. An important step that is just getting started as more than one thousand trees should be planted by the end of the expansion project.

Stay tuned as we unveil more on this exciting transformation!

Discover in photos the extension works of the Walt Disney Studios :

On video

A royal transformation for the Disneyland Hotel in 2024

As part of the ongoing transformation of Europe’s premier tourist destination, the iconic five-star Disneyland Hotel is being completely “reinvented” from the inside out, and totally renovated on the front.

When it reopens in 2024, the Disneyland Hotel will be the first-ever Disney hotel to invite guests to celebrate Disney royalty in all its diversity, taking part in a majestic journey through time and the stories that make Disney great. This ultimate experience, unique to Disneyland Paris, invites visitors to discover the most iconic royal stories and characters from classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Princess and the Frog, to recent hits such as The Snow Queen, Vaiana, Legend of the End of the World, and Raya and the Last Dragon, allowing each visitor to be a part of the royal stories that move them to better write their own.

Under the artistic direction of Walt Disney Imagineering Paris, Disneyland Paris teams, including Construction, Entertainment, Hotels & Resorts, Food & Beverage and many others are currently hard at work alongside numerous local artisans and suppliers to create a unique immersive experience, down to the smallest detail, that will delight even the most discerning Disney fans. From the design and architecture that pays tribute to Disney’s royal stories and European royalty, to the culinary delights of the themed restaurants, bar and lounges, visitors will be immersed in a royal atmosphere.

This major reconstruction once again illustrates the unique positioning of Disneyland Paris within the European tourism landscape, the result of unparalleled expertise in the field of immersive storytelling and an unparalleled sense of hospitality, and reinforces its leadership in this market with seven hotels and over 5,700 rooms.

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