Frequentation of Disneyland Paris: Results 2020

🚨 The 2020 report of park visitor numbers worldwide by TEA just came in and it’s apocalyptic (thanks Covid)!

For Disneyland Paris: 4,030,000 visitors (compared to 14,990,000 in 2019, or -73.1%)
➡️ Disneyland Park: 2,620,000 visitors (compared to 9,745,000 in 2019, or -73.1%)
Top25 ranking: 🌐 17th (14th in 2019) – 2nd (1st in 2019)
➡️ Walt Disney Studios Park: 1,410,000 visitors (down from 5,245,000 in 2019, or -73.1%)
Top25 ranking: 🌐 Not ranked (23rd in 2019) – 5th (4th in 2019)

To add some perspective to these atypical results for which it’s worth remembering that their opportunities for activity varied widely from country to country:
➡️ The average decline worldwide was -67.2%
➡️ The top Park in the world remains Magic Kingdom, but with only 6,941,000 visitors (compared to 20,963,000 in 2019, or -66.9%)
➡️ Shanghai Disneyland comes in second place worldwide with 5,500,000 visitors (vs. 11,210,000 in 2019, down 50.9%)
➡️ In Europe, Efteling takes first place, with 2,900,000 visitors (compared to 5,260,000 in 2019, i.e. -46.3%) and thus makes history by taking it from Disneyland Park

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