From our archives (ep 2)

For this new episode, we have found elements related to the famous “Espace Euro Disney”, opened on December 5, 1990 in Serris (a nod to Walt Disney’s date of birth).

From the A4 motorway, visitors wishing to get a glimpse of the Euro Disney Resort project then under construction could see the tip of the hat of sorcerer Mickey, reaching 20m high in front of  “Espace Euro Disney”. Once there, they parked in front of a building with architecture inspired by the animated film Fantasia.

Inside, a course made them discover the five lands of Euro Disneyland, thanks to models, drawings by artists and architects, costumes and various ride vehicles such as Dumbo The Flying Elephant or Le Carrousel de Lancelot.

A general model of the project was located at the end of course in the heart of the exhibition hall, around which a guide offered a guided tour of the destination, as if you were there! Regularly, visitors had the joy of seeing Mickey Mouse come their way.

Finally, a projection room located at the evening of the exhibition hall, presented a 35mm film: “Euro Disney. When the dream becomes reality. “In this movie, a little boy takes his teddy bear on an imaginary journey through Euro Disney Resort. This film concluded with an update on the progress of the work.

The Fantasia Boutique offered a range of souvenirs, and Le Snack, a light catering offer such as cookies or hot dogs, some of the packaging we have never used and can be seen on our photos!

And you, did you go to this preview center? What memories do you keep of it?

Chip & Dale
I'm a huge fan of the Disney universe, and I love collecting all kinds of products. One sure thing is that over the years my collection has grown. My greatest dream would be to be able to go on a world tour of the Disney parks. I particularly like the Disney theme parks, and I like to find the smallest secrets.