From our Archives (Ep 4)

This week, let’s dive back into the frenzy of the Grand Opening on April 12, 1992 (which actually started on April 10) … a very special weekend that neither the invited visitors nor the Cast Members present will forget so soon! Souvenir photos, commemorative merchandise, worldwide television broadcast … so many memories that come to mind.

The lucky guests were first sent an invitation, in the form of a fold-out booklet. Inside, a Sleeping Beauty Castle is revealed as a pop up, and we can find as well as the weekend agenda.

Once at the Resort, you had to wear a strap around your neck, with a different color depending on the type of invitation (Media, VIP, stakeholder, staff …).

The Cast Members had a more detailed folio with a very precise agenda, but also essential contact points and major media highlights.

On the big day, the Post Office from Chessy (one of the Val d’Europe’s towns where Disneyland Paris is located) even created a dedicated stamp for the occasion!

To commemorate this historic date, all Cast Members were presented with a commemorative medal (inspired by the Olympic year that was 1992 both in France and in Europe). This medal was accompanied by a letter which concluded as follows: “I hope it wil serve a better purpose: to remind us all of the wonderful heritage we have in our Company, and the incredible legacy we’re carrying into the future”.

The medal was accompanied by a photo developed in A4 format, bringing together thousands of Cast Members on Main Street U.S.A., a cliché that has become legendary.

The Cast Members, members of the “Opening Crew” were working hard to make D-Day a success, and a whole textile, pin and stationery collection had been developed for them. We especially love this memo pad, which works as a countdown six months up to the grand opening!

And you, do y keep memories of these exciting times?

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