Iwájú : Our opinion

Iwájú is a series born of a unique collaboration between Walt Disney Animation and Kugali, a pan-African entertainment company specialising in comic strips. Read our review of Iwájú.

By Ririne


Our story takes place in Africa, more precisely in a futuristic Nigeria, with two children as the protagonists: Tola and Kole.
Tola Martins is a little girl from a wealthy family whose father, Tunde Martins, is a rich company director living on an island.
Kole, who becomes Tola’s best friend, is a young boy from the slums who stands out for his knowledge of technology.
Despite their very different backgrounds, the two children forge a friendship that will lead them to uncover the dark dealings of Bunde DeSousa, who is hiding in the depths of Lagos.

Let’s not forget the character of Otin, a small, colourful lizard who is the sidekick of our young protagonist Tola, but who is above all a means of defence against a possible threat. Otin is revealed in particular towards the end of the series, but remains present throughout.

otin – Iwájú

Lovable characters

The story features a fairly varied cast of characters, despite its short, concise format. Each character has his or her place and contributes to the development of the plot. In fact, the series features six episodes, each named after one of the characters, as if each of them had a part to play in the story.

Each character is developed in turn throughout the series. We begin with the episode ” Iwájú “, which means “future” in Yoruba, one of the three languages spoken in Nigeria. This episode marks the starting point of the series, in which the notion of the future is developed through the futuristic aspect and the introduction of the character of Tola, who is celebrating her 10th birthday. As the episodes progress, we get to know each character a little better, including Bode, Kole, Tunde and Otin. Finally, the last episode is entitled “Tola”, as if we wanted to come full circle with the character of Tola, who was the starting point of the series.


A very nice surprise

This mini-series produced for the Disney+ platform was a real surprise. The first visuals reminded me of something quite childish, which quickly evaporated as I watched. “Iwájú” is a fairly mature story whose issues resonate in a very different way in today’s society. Nigeria is a country where an extremely wealthy population lives side by side with a population in extreme financial distress. The same backdrop is set in the mini-series, despite the advances and developments in technology. Disney offers us a suspenseful story that may seem very childish on the surface, but turns out to be much more committed than it seems.


My opinion on Iwájú

In my opinion, “Iwájú” aims to offer something innovative and modern in an African culture that remains faithful to its traditions and heritage.
Visually, I feel the graphics could have been a little more polished, although the animation is still very pretty and the colour palette matches the dynamism and warm, bubbly character of Tola. What’s more, many of the backgrounds and motifs depict African culture in a sublime palette of colours.
We should also note the choice of the lizard for the character of Otin, which in West Africa is a good luck charm. The lizard can also be seen as a symbol of protection and defence with its camouflage skills, as is the case in the series.

Iwájú” is an original creation that is well worth a look, and will appeal to a wide audience looking for a friendly adventure with a touch of suspense.