Back at last at the Disneyland Hotel Castle Club


My experience when the hotel reopened (in a Deluxe room) left me with a bitter feeling, so I was a little apprehensive before my stay at the Castle Club. I admit that I had also read the various guest reviews on different websites, which didn’t help matters. But curiosity got the better of me and I absolutely had to go back to find out if I’d get back what I loved so much during my stays before the Covid, the serenity and calm of this unspoilt place, its cocooning aspect.

A long-awaited return

I left the Castle Club on the morning of 14 March 2020, sadly with no prospect of a future stay (I stayed there on average 3 times a year). And after 4 years of waiting, which seemed interminable to me, on 21 March I arrived on the second floor of the DLH in this small lounge where this old model telephone is enthroned on a pedestal table and serves as the sesame to reach the Castle Club. After announcing myself and sending the lift, I arrived at the reception desk with the feeling of finally ‘coming home’. As when the DLH reopened on 25 January, I could see straight away that nothing had changed structurally and I immediately found my ‘feet’ again. The welcome from the casts members is warm, I recognise faces at the concierge desk and in the lounge, which reinforces the feeling of joy at being back. Well, the decoration is different, as is some of the furniture, but the rest is unchanged, the numbering of the rooms, the locations, the concierge desk, the lounge, the Founders restaurantโ€ฆ In short, this reinforces the impression of having come ‘home’, a home that would have just benefited from my long absence to review its layout, but not too much, so that I wouldn’t feel out of place.

Just like home โ€ฆ

And the feeling of being a privileged guest, of feeling a bit VIP, is always so pleasant. At the Castle Club, the Cast Members take great care of each and every guest.

As for breakfast, the glass of champagne offered (at no extra charge) adds a touch of “luxury” and the daily egg preparation suggestions are very much appreciated (we had an oeuf cocotte on the first morning and a perfect egg on the second day). The buffet offers a wide variety of freshly prepared products. I just find that the choice of savoury snacks is a little limited and the cakes on offer, although good, are “childish” and very similar to those in the D-Lounge (for Deluxe rooms). Non-alcoholic cocktails, fruit nectars and other hot drinks, including a delicious hot chocolate or Viennese chocolate, are available until 11pm.

The Castle Club spirit

The Castle Club is also a state of mind; it’s not just about rooms, themed suites, a lounge with a view of the park where you can watch the night shows with the sound of the park in the shade while sipping a cocktail or other hot drink, it’s also about Casts Members capable of taking on challenges, to make Disney Magic a reality. You’ll tell me that this is a 5-star establishment and that’s to be expected, but it’s always satisfying to see your wishes come true.

Let me explain. One of the members of our group is a firefighter and regularly comes to the parks. This person wanted to know if we could get the DLP firefighters’ email addresses so that we could exchange badges (as firefighters often do with each other). So I asked a CM at the Castle Club reception if he could find this famous email address for us before the end of the day. Well, the result was beyond our expectations, as in the evening we had an appointment with one of the resort’s firemen in the Lobby of the Disneyland Hotel so that our fireman could personally collect his bag from the DLP fire station. Just goes to show that with a little Pixie Dust, even the most unexpected guest dreams can come true.

So you’ve understood, my stay was more than pleasant, and I admit that I’m already looking at my calendar to book my next stay at the Castle Club.

Magic and more magic

Yes, I’m still on cloud nine, but I’d still like to point out that some of the problems we encountered when we reopened don’t seem to have been completely resolved. First of all, on arrival, there is still a flagrant lack of responsiveness from the valets, who seem quicker to rush off with top-of-the-range vehicles than more ordinary cars. And above all, recurring problems with the luggage storage service, with our luggage paying the price. When we changed rooms, our suitcases should have just been transferred from one room to another (on the same floor at the Castle Club), but they were sent back to the luggage room and we waited and asked for them, only to find our suitcases smudged, stained and sticky. The Castle Club manager was very responsive and efficient in remedying this problem, and the clothes in one suitcase were even cleaned and returned to us on time the next day.

I already want to go back

So that the wait for my next stay at the Castle Club doesn’t seem so long, I’m going to look at my photos again and again, and reminisce about the good times shared with friends. I have to admit that watching Disney Sky Electrical Parade and Dreams on a balcony, with a glass of champagne in hand, is a magical and unforgettable experience (sighs).