La Table de Lumière : A Royal Experience

Disneyland Hotel opened on 25 January 2024, giving us the opportunity to return and discover all the new features. Where there’s new, there’s also new restaurants, and since I’m a foodie, that’s just the thing! I’m taking you with me for a royal culinary experience, and above all one that’s up there with the great restaurants: La Table de Lumière!

NB: The opinions expressed are those of customers who paid for the services just like anyone else and not as guests of Disneyland Paris.

An immersive experience

Immediately immersed in this royal atmosphere, the restaurant is inspired by the Hall of Mirrors at the Château de Versailles. The kitchen opens onto the dining room. The restaurant’s head chef is none other than Laurent Lesage, the former head chef at California Grill.

We arrived in the main room, where the theme was Beauty and the Beast. The animated statue in the centre of the room depicting Beauty and the Beast dancing, the colours, the chandelier – it’s all there in the detail.

The table is beautifully laid, with the Eternal Rose in the centrepiece. The Cast Member even pulled out a chair for us to sit on.

A promising menu

As a little anecdote, when we opened the menu, there was a little note inside saying that this restaurant was the most beautiful royal experience at Disneyland Paris. The message made us smile and laugh. You’ll understand at the end of this article.

The menu costs 120€, with the option of adding a 60€ champagne option (from starter to dessert).

For the aperitif, we opted for a glass of champagne (alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health). There were 3 of us at the table and apart from the starter, we all tasted different things.

During the aperitif, the Cast Member brought us an amuse-bouche, and from that moment on we knew that our meal was going to live up to our expectations.


We chose the European lobster with white cabbage remoulade and the soft fried Label Rouge Loué egg with potatoes, spinach shoots and Comté PDO cream.

A tap of the spoon into the egg and the yolk is runny, for me at that point, it’s a done deal.

The meals

For the main course, we all had something different and our opinions were unanimous: it was delicious.

The food is really fine and refined, and it’s a pleasure to find cuisine like this at Disneyland Paris.

From left to right:

  • Two-cooked free-range chicken with potato confit, roast breast with herbs and poached leg with supreme sauce.
  • Pan-fried fillet of sole, fermented milk and iodised saffron emulsion, Mediterranean vegetable leaf and creamy celery.
  • Roast Montbéliarde beef with potato columns, creamy sweet onions and Merlot jus.

The cooking is mastered and the meat melts in the mouth. The juices go very well with the dishes. It’s a perfect match for us.


What could be better than finishing a meal with a sweet touch? Well, we still had room for dessert. Once again, our taste buds are in ecstasy. From start to finish, this meal was faultless.

From left to right:

  • Coconut emulsion with aloe vera, fresh mango granita, chocolate puffed rice.
  • Entremet du Grand Chambellan: creamy chocolate with basil, thin sheets of dark chocolate and caramelised almonds.
  • Savoureuse Valse Eternelle: white chocolate ganache, vanilla pear insert and dacquoise biscuit.

The little extras

As I said earlier, during the aperitif we were served an amuse-bouche (apples, lemon, cider vinegar and espuma). Of course, we finished the meal with some mignardises (chocolate/hazelnut financier and red fruit pavlova).

Princes & Princesses

The meal unfolds as the princesses and their princes meet. They come to the tables and take their time with people, which is nice. We didn’t feel rushed at all. At one point, we had a camera problem when taking photos with Belle and her Prince. They both agreed to redo the photos without any problem.

The only thing we found a shame was that there were only three couples and by the time we got to the middle of the meal, we’d met them all.

A favourite

As you can imagine, we left the restaurant with a smile on our faces and nothing to complain about. The best experience at Disneyland Hotel and especially at Disneyland Paris.

La Table de Lumière, you can boast of being the best restaurant in the resort, because it is. Special thanks to Roberto the Cast Member who looked after us throughout the meal, thanks to him we were Princesses & Prince for an evening in a royal atmosphere.