Lyrics – Lost in the Magic – 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris

Do you like to sing at the top of your voice during parades without making yoghurt? We have the solution: learn the words to Lost in the Magic – Disney Stars on parade, it’s a gift!

Lost in the magic

Come meet with myst’ry
Come cheat reality
Wondrous, surprising
So mesmerizing

Sway with sensation
Sweet liberation
Breathlessly quick
Envie de magie !

Dazzling! Hypnotic!
Envie de magie !

Ce rêve bleu
C’est un nouveau monde en couleur
Nous partageons ce rêve bleu a deux

My, oh, my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine
Headin’ my way

Ce rêve bleu
Ce rêve bleu
Ce rêve bleu

It’s calling! (Magie !)
Glittering and revealing
You’re falling! (Magie !)
Delirious with the feeling, let it go!
(Magie !)

You can’t resist it now!
Falling (Magie !)
Free your imagination
Come chase it! (Cherche-là !)
Face it! (Trouve-là !)
Embrase it! (Embrasse-là !)
L’envie de magie est là !

Lost in the magic!
Lost in the magic!
Dazzling! Hypnotic!
Lost in the magic!
I’m falling!
Envie de magie !

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