La Grange restaurant at Disney Village: a big YES!

Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon Barn is a Tex-Mex buffet restaurant located on the second floor of Billy Bob’s Saloon in Disney Village. I’ve eaten there several times before and I’ve never been disappointed! Well, I admit that since the health crisis, I’m not so keen on the all-you-can-eat service, but I’ll come back to that a little later.

The price is €35.99 for an adult (€18.99 for a child). This includes an all-you-can-eat meal and a cold drink. La Grange offers the same price as other all-you-can-eat restaurants in the resort (Plaza Gardens, Agrabah café,…) and is included in the standard half-board.

L’ambiance western du restaurant


As soon as you enter the building, the place transports you into a real western saloon. The decorations are realistic and they are really everywhere!  During my last stay with a 9 year old, we stayed at the Cheyenne Hotel. By eating at La Grange, we stayed in the “cowboy” theme. I highly recommend this combination. Indeed, I find the experience at this restaurant more immersive than the great room of the Chuck Wagon Cafe restaurant at the Cheyenne Hotel.

The experience

When you go up to the second floor, you first pay for your meal and choose your drink from the menu. Then a Cast Member will seat you at your table before bringing you your refreshments. Before the health crisis, Disney’s La Grange restaurant offered a very varied all-you-can-eat buffet. You had to be really picky not to find something in the buffet. There was a display with cold starters consisting of various cold cuts and salads. The hot dishes were arranged on another display: chili con carne, ribs (very well caramelised… a killer!!!), corn on the cob, fajitas, fish, etc. For the kids, they offered pasta, chicken nuggets… And finally, there were two other displays with desserts (floating island, pancakes and cakes) and, to the delight of the kids (and also the older ones 😜 ), sweets! 

And the covid in all this…

Since the health crisis, La Grange still offers all-you-can-eat meals but with table service. You receive a menu with the composition of the different plates. A waiter comes to your table to take your order and bring you your plates. The service is very fast and the waiters are very attentive. 

The content of the plates corresponds to what you could have had in the buffet before but I don’t like the fact that I can’t compose my plate according to my tastes… I felt it very much in the starters: I would have liked to mix some mixed salads with the cold cuts because in each proposal of starter, I left something in my plate… I felt less this inconvenience with the dishes. I recommend the cowboy plate which is the only one related to the theme of the restaurant. The desserts are delicious (entremets and tarts among others) but it is a pity that the candy buffet was lost in this table service formula.

Menu :

In brief

I still love this restaurant and I really hope that when the health crisis is over the buffet will return to its original form! Anyway, I will definitely go back!

My positive points:My negative points :
Immersive decoration
The quality/price ratio
The quality of the service
The diversity of the buffet
The consistency of the theme in the choice of dishes
The exterior of the building: you have to guess that La Grange is on the first floor…
The absence of the buffet (health crisis)
Reservation necessary due to the number of people

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