Phantom Manor

Once upon a time in Frontierland… on the heights of Boot Hill, in the town of Thunder Mesa…

Tableau du manoir dans ses beaux jours

Come with us on our ghostly tour… The Phantom Manor attraction opened at the same time as the park in 1992. There are rumors of mischievous spirits manifesting themselves… ” No Omnis Moriar”, this quote on the gate plaque tells us that ghosts never die… completely.

But before we cross the threshold of the gates, let us admire this austere house front and its once lush gardens.

Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris

As we walk through the gardens, the soft music still coming from the gazebo tells us that everything was ready for tea time.


The queue only delays our anguish to enter these haunted places… Indeed, it is perfectly themed, gloomy. The light bulbs are flashing and the cobwebs have taken up residence.

As we enter the vestibule, the owner of the place announces to us: “Phantom Manor experienced happy days, but times have changed… Enter brave mortals and let us visit this famous manor together… ».

There begins our fateful journey. The so special musical atmosphere bewitches us as soon as we enter the manor. As soon as the doors close, the mapping makes us realise that the manor has really lived happy days. The wallpapers, now dilapidated, return to their former glory.

Henry et Mélanie Ravenswood

We are now prisoners of the Stretch Room. This room literally plunges us into the abyss of the manor and shows us the tragic destiny of the young woman’s fiancés. “Alas, things are not always as they seem… not all fairy tales have happy endings… There are no doors, no windows… Which way out? … The Phantom of these places will be happy to help you . . . Would the Phantom have selfishly wanted to keep the girl to himself alone, even in the afterlife, or perhaps he thought no one was good enough for her? There are many clues and this is undoubtedly what makes the magic of this new storyline.

The portrait gallery goes even further by depicting the Phantom as the owner of the place. The paintings highlight the tragic events around the Manor. We then understand that the Phantom is none other than Melanie’s father… The atmosphere becomes more and more oppressive and immersion is guaranteed!

After crossing the gallery of paintings, not without apprehension, it is high time to embark in our doombuggy to join the macabre convoy, and explore Phantom Manor. Melanie is on the stairs… she seems to be waiting for a love that will never come again. The tune she is humming is icy and extremely melancholy. She seems to be urging us to follow her down the meanders of her home to discover her tragic destiny. Outside the thunder rumbles. We are ready for the journey!

Mariée en haut de l'escalier - embarquement

In the hall of mirrors, our boat rushes in, Melanie holding her chandelier seems to flee the Phantom in endless corridors, leaving her prisoner of her own home. Here she is singing, in full torment.

The piano plays macabre wedding marches, the flowers are already there for the deceased fiancés…

Piano sans joueur

The corridors become more and more oppressive around us, the doors move and creak, testifying to the occult forces that have taken possession of the manor. The Grandfather clock, which hands are turning anti clockwise, finally confirms that we’ve tipped over into the beyond.

Now comes the moment of incantations. Our journey continues around Mrs. Leota… Her iconic face seems to float in this crystal ball, and there she is, inviting us to a session during which Leota, with a voice from beyond the grave, exhorts the spirits to manifest themselves: “Spirits and ghosts, on your proud steeds, escort the beautiful bride into the night! From the twelve strokes of midnight to the ringing masts, We shall waltz together, you macabre debutante! »

Here comes the ball scene… the ball of a wedding that’s never gonna happen. Or has it finally taken place and we are witnessing a reminiscence incited by Madame Leota, or is it Melanie Ravenswood’s dream that will never come true? Is it that she’s forever watching her wedding, that she’ll never live to see? The wedding guests seem to be trapped in this ballroom, waltzing around until the dawn of time. The organ plays ghostly and melancholy tunes; there is no doubt that a tragic fate has befallen Phantom Manor.

Le Phantom et la Mariée - Salle de bal

The bride-to-be invites us to visit her room. Since the rehabilitation, this scene is much more prominent than in the previous version. Here she is lamenting her fateful exit to the sound of her macabre gramophone… Her chimney draws an M in green shades, for her sweet first name of Melanie, but the Phantom is never far, appearing then in the mirror of her daughter’s dressing table, she seemed to be preparing for the wedding ceremony.

Mélanie pleure devant son miroir

We fall into the catacombs of the Manor… The Phantom, seemingly mocking us, has already dug a hole, like the gravedigger he is. Is he waiting for us? The doombuggy then plunges into the morbid depths, the real ossuary of the Manor. Wherever we look, a graveyard awaits us.

The singing busts lead us into a most sinister hullabaloo, and they seem to be playing with us…

Les bustes chantants

This is followed by a cavalcade in a macabre, yet colourful Thunder Mesa. This is a moment that the youngest of visitors will appreciate more because it seems more entertaining … This rehabilitation of the attraction offers us a more extravagant and undoubtedly more carnival-like version of this ghostly Thunder Mesa… What interpretation to make of it then? Starting from a curse on the mansion, would the whole city of Thunder Mesa have been plunged into the afterlife?

Thunder mesa maudite

The Phantom of these places greets us, while, already, our journey is ending… Maybe he decided to spare us… We were only mere visitors after all… It was without counting on Melanie. After passing through the crypt of her unhappy lovers, one of whom seemed to be still holding an engagement ring, in a last sigh, Melanie clutched the doombuggy and begged us to marry her, “Will you marry me? ».

We leave the ride, not without a thought for this young Melanie.

Panneau fin du voyage
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