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Find out all the information on Pocahontas, an official Disney Princess.


  • Pocahontas
  • 18 years old
  • heroine of the eponymous film, released in 1995 with a sequel in 1998
  • daughter of Chief Powhatan
  • lives in North America, in the future English colony of Jamestown
  • her friends are Meiko, Flit, Nakoma and Grandmoter Willow.
  • falls in love with John Smith, a young English explorer
pocahontas dans le film
la rencontre entre pocahontas et john smith


  • Pocahontas is the main character of the eponymous film, released on 23 June 1995 in the US (10 July 1995 in the UK, 22 November 1995 in France).
  • It is the 45th full-length animated feature and the 33rd animated classic from Disney Studios.
  • It was directed by Mike Gabriel and Eric Goldberg.
  • The music was created by Alan Menken.
  • The film inspired a sequel released in 1998.
  • The first American princess, she is courageous, intrepid and determined. But she is also characterised above all by her freedom and affinity for nature. She is the object of the tolerance and love of John Smith, even though everything separates them. Their love crosses all language barriers.
  • She in one of the first Disney princesses to be drawn with sensuality. the Animators took inspiration from Naomi Campbell when they created the character.
pocahontas disney
Naomi Campbell
naomi campbell


The film is the first feature length Disney film to interpret a historical figure. Le film est le premier long métrage Disney consacré à un personnage historique. However, the real story is far from the film’s plot, and much more tragic.

In effect, Pocahontas was barely 11 or 12 when the British colonists landed. She did not have a love affair with John Smith, instead various writings from the era describe their friendship.

true pocahontas
portrait de la véritable pocahontas

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