Stark Factory – Technical data

Stark Factory

Have an appetite for invention… and pizza, pasta and salad? Then fly over to Stark Factory, a quick-service kitchen and high-tech workspace where Super Heroes can come to build and repair their gear. Discover the technical data of the Stark Factory restaurant.

Technical data – Stark Factory

  • Name: Stark Factory
  • Opening date: July 20, 2022
  • Location: Marvel Avengers Campus – Walt Disney Studios Park
  • Design: Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Movie franchise: Marvel
  • Former restaurant: Disney Blockbuster Café (16 March 2002 to 6 January 2020)
  • Construction period: 7 January 2020 to summer 2022
  • Type of experience: Quick Service Restaurant
  • Capacity: (To be specified)
  • Type of cuisine: Italian
  • Price range:
  • Reservations: No reservation
  • Major elements:
    – Hulkbuster
  • Presence in other parks: Only at Disneyland Paris