Town Square Tribune #1

Is the latest increase in restaurants exaggerated?

I don’t think you’ve missed the new restaurant prices at Disneyland Paris. Let’s go into a little more detail about this latest news.

An exaggerated increase

Of course we think that this last increase is completely exaggerated. Since no one on the team wanted to defend the pros, I’ll stick to the cons and tell you more about the new prices.

Since November 29th, you have probably seen that all the restaurants of Disneyland Paris have increased their prices, some more than others. For some the huge or absurd increase is not justified at all. If the service or the quality of the meal had changed at all… Table service, buffet and even counter service have all been increased!

But it’s not just the increase… as the menus of the counter service restaurants have been modified with the suppression of the desserts. Of course you don’t think the price has gone down? Uncle Scrooge quickly did the maths and figured out what would make him the most money.

The calculations are not good Disneyland Paris…

The most excessive increase is that of Cinderella’s Inn, eating with the princesses is expensive as the famous restaurant has increased by 16€. You will have to pay a modest 95€ for adults and 50€ for children, to be able to eat there. Have the princesses changed? No! Has the menu changed? No! So how is this increase justified? We’re still looking into it…

Just for fun I’ll let you compare the two menus:

Let’s go on and on, it’s only the beginning, okay okay…

Walt’s – an American restaurant, has increased by 13€, the menu is now 55€ and the menu has not changed one bit.

To sum up, all restaurants WITHOUT exception have increased! Don’t look for changes in the menu, there are none.

  • Captain Jack’s : +€3
  • Plaza Gardens Restaurant : +€7
  • Manhattan Restaurant : +€6
  • Agrabah Café : +€2

Eat less and still pay the same price…

More bad news for “quick service” restaurants (or not, that’s another debate).

If you don’t eat dessert, you’ll be happy because there’s none left. For the others, you will have to buy it in addition to your menu.

In some “quick service” restaurants, desserts are no longer included and you will have to pay an average of €4 more for a dessert. In addition, drinks have increased by €0.20, or €4 per soda.

Let’s take the example of the Café Hypérion: the 30th menu (which no longer exists)

  • Burger + fries + drink + dessert = €20
  • From 29 November: Burger + fries + drink = €20
    • If you want to add the 30th anniversary dessert: +5€ or 25€ for the menu

This is not an isolated example, as most counter service restaurants have suffered the same fate.

The calculations are really not good…

New york style sandwiches

So I went looking for the little beast in the menus and more precisely at the New York Style Sandwiches.

Get out the calculator and let’s do some math! Let’s take menu 2: you have 3 choices. You want to have the big salad (9€) and a bottle of water (3,30€). Menu 2: 13€ / Separately: 12,30€.

So, tip: check the retail price, you never know if you’ll save money.

Is the increase exaggerated?

I would even say absurd, because the service, the menu nothing has changed everything remains as it is! If there were changes for the better, it would be understandable.

So yes, this is Disneyland Paris, we know that many things are expensive, but magic and especially the wallet have their limits.