Annual passes: Disneyland Paris unloved ones

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The latest move by Disneyland Paris has rocked the Annual Pass world on Monday 13th June. If you missed it, it turns out that there is now a waiting list system for reservations.

So why does this new system put the nail in the coffin of the Annual Passes? Are they still the park’s favourite children or have they become the unloved ones? Answer below!

The waiting list: the real bad idea

The idea is to give the Annual Passes the opportunity to position themselves on a day that is already full. Then you have to hope that you can get your entry provided that the place becomes available…

Why is this presented as a good idea? It is true that there is some inequality in the speed of bookings. This new service is supposed to give everyone a chance toobtenir la date qu’il souhaite.

Why is this a bad idea? Because this famous system, which could be an excellent idea, is in fact an additional ordeal for any Annual Pass. And yes, because each day you are on the waiting list, you take one day out of your 3 bookings… Then it’s off to pray to the good star and the blue fairy that your great weekend planned with your friends for ages becomes available!

Moreover, this system is once again not in line with the very principle of an Annual Pass: to access the park when you want (at least for Infinity on paper).

But the saddest part of this story is that this kind of crazy and pass-harming decision is far from being the only one!

Increasingly unfair measures

Since COVID, we keep seeing this kind of thing happening.

First of all, we have of course noticed that the advantages of the passes are disappearing more and more. On the other hand, we have seen the price increase… There is already a big problem here.

Let’s continue… The famous Annual Pass evenings, which are supposed to be privileges, have to be paid for, and of course they too have increased! With less gifts and advantages of course. An evening during which there were more Guests than APs, nobody sees the problem here either?

We understand that Disneyland is a business, that a business must be profitable, and that the objective of all these measures is of course to sell more hotel nights to ordinary customers, since the profits are much more interesting.

What future for Annual Passes?

The big question is: isn’t Disneyland slowly steering the Annual Passes towards the exit?

But what has happened to make the Annual Passes, once treated like kings, the unloved ones of our beloved park?

Has Disneyland Paris, which favours money yes (it’s a company, let’s not be naive) forgotten that an AP is a passionate person? And that he is his first advertisement?

Some people say that the Annual Pass pays less… However, the majority of Annual Passes consume much more than the average Guest! They are the first consumers of new merchandise, limited editions, traditional snack breaks and more!

You can also be sure that an Annual Pass is one of the most polite and respectful visitors. An AP is an enthusiast, an AP tastes the latest: he wants to test everything and likes to share.

So when will Disneyland Paris hear the cry of alarm from the Annual Passes and really reconsider them? That remains the mystery. Is the future of the Passes compromised? We hope not.