Disney Cape Cod : the sailors’ buffet!

At the beginning of this year, while staying at the Newport Bay Club at Disneyland Paris, I wanted to extend the nautical experience. For this, I chose the Cape Cod restaurant located in the same Disney hotel. I give you my impressions…

At Newport Bay Club hotel, there are two restaurants: the Cape Cod which offers a unique all-you-can-eat buffet and the Yacht Club with table service. I preferred the buffet because I particularly enjoy being able to see and choose what I’m going to eat.

The decoration and the room

As soon as I entered the place, I found the same atmosphere as in the other parts of the hotel. Disneyland has really succeeded in decorating the place as a “cruise on a luxury liner”! The blue, white and beige colors go well with the golden railings.

The staff is very nice! A Cast Member accompanies us and explains us the functioning of the buffet. The room is quite big and divided into several zones. This allows us not to have the “school canteen” effect. The Cast Member designates us our table located in the central zone. The part of the restaurant with the buffet is, as I wrote above, very well decorated. But, on the other hand, I find the part of the room where our table is located a little more banal… Simple dark brown wooden tables with chairs of the same color denote simplicity…

The central area of the tables

Also, this part of the room is like a noisy anthill! As there are a lot of people at the Cape Cod, there is a constant flow of people going to the buffet and coming back to their table. However, the side area of the tables seems quieter to me and the decoration seems more cosy… We must not forget that the Cape Cod is located in the biggest Disney hotel (in terms of capacity). And therefore, it implies a lot of people…

One of the side areas of the tables

The buffet

Another Cast Member comes to take our drink order, then I head to the buffet. The dishes presented are appetizing and of good quality. I also notice that the chefs make sure to restock it constantly.

The buffet is divided into several parts: cold starters, raw vegetables, hot dishes, hot vegetables and desserts. I was hoping, considering the theme of the restaurant, to have a nice choice of fish and I am not disappointed! There are some cold starters (various smoked fishes, crab claws, big pink shrimps…) as well as hot dishes. However, don’t worry for the meat lovers! Several meat dishes are available, despite the somewhat limited choice of cold cuts at the cold buffet. Moreover, there are the classics: chicken nuggets, dumplings with tomato sauce, pasta…

Compared to other buffets I’ve done at Disneyland Paris, I appreciate here the presence of several varieties of hot vegetables and a wide choice of fresh fruits. These compensate for the lack of diversity in the desserts and the “soft ice” (vanilla ice cream machine). The real favorite on the sweet side is the chocolate fountain with its skewers of fruits or marshmallows!

Disney Cape Code : In short,

I really like the Disney Cape Cod restaurant and will definitely go back! I’ll probably try to get a table in the side section to see if there’s a difference in noise and atmosphere with the central section.

Good points:

  • The decoration of the restaurant entrance and the buffet are in keeping with the nautical theme of the Newport Bay Club Hotel.
  • Cast Members friendliness.
  • Quality and presentation of the buffet dishes.
  • Variety of cold and hot fish dishes.
  • Variety of hot vegetables and fresh fruit.
  • Chocolate fountain and its brochettes.

Bad points:

  • The more banal decoration of the table area.
  • Noise and constant movement of customers due to the large number of customers.
  • The low variety of cold cuts in the cold starters.
  • Lack of variety in desserts.
  • The absence of “real” ice cream, limited to a machine that serves vanilla ice cream.

I strongly advise you to book your table well before your stay at Disneyland Paris.

For current rates, please visit the official website.

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