Ant-Man invades Disneyland Paris

Personnage Ant-man Disneyland Paris

–To celebrate the cinema release of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, you’re invited to embark on a family adventure at Marvel Avengers Campus to experience PYM technology from February 15th.

Recruits will share a heroic moment with Ant-Man and The Wasp back from their quantum journey. And if you are hungry for more action, head over to PYM Kitchen where growing and shrinking technology is used to create big bites and tiny treats in this buffet restaurant.

Beyond the Campus, the celebration continues to the Disney Hotel New York®️ – The Art of Marvel with new drinks inspired directly from the Quantum Realm.


Heroic Welcome Ant-Man and the Wasp have a special message for the recruits! Gather on Stark Plaza during the last Heroic Welcome of the day on the Quinjet platform from February 15th for a limited time. You may get a chance to meet them on Campus during their training session with Pym discs.

Collectible Cards

New collectible cards will be available from February 15th to February 19th. It can be found at Marvel Avengers Campus at unexpected sizes!

Activity Leaflet (From Feb 15th for a limited time)Ant-Man and The Wasp are back from the Quantum Realm along with little missions for the whole family. Find out about some of the Campus secrets and learn more about PYM Particle Technology!

Magic Shot (From Feb 18th to Feb 28th)

Strike your best action stance with Campus reporters at the entrance of Avengers Campus for a picture as a testimony of your heroism. And who knows, Giant-Man might make a “small” appearance in your shot!

Dessert PYM (From Feb 15th for a limited time)

Head over to PYM Kitchen on Campus for a huge variety of good food at size-defying scales. And with their new discoveries from the Quantum Realm, Pym Tech researchers have been hard at work on a new recipe that is clearly out of this world! Called the “Quantum Micro Mousse“, this tasty dessert combines the sweetness of a chocolate mousse with the crunchiness of crispy strawberries.

Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel: Cocktails (From Feb 15th for a limited time)You will also have the opportunity to try new drinks inspired directly from the Quantum Realm.

Carnivorous Quantum Cocktail : This cocktail with an extraordinary structure is a tribute to the subatomic dimension. Its powerful aromas and tangy notes will transport you to a world of bewildering flora and fauna .

Quantum Crawler Mocktail : Inspired by red and blue PYM particles capable of enlarging or narrowing a target, this alcohol-free cocktail comes in giant and miniature versions…to share!

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