In the animated films Frozen I and II, Arendelle is the Nordic kingdom where the plot takes place. Let’s take a look at the particularities of this place in the films and in the Disney parks around the world.

Arendelle in Frozen


The kingdom of Arendelle is a fictional place probably in Norway. It is surrounded by the fjord and the mountains. A few kilometres away is the Enchanted Forest, where the Northuldra tribe originated.


When the King of Agnarr and the Queen of Iduna die, their eldest daughter Elsa succeeds to the throne.

At a coronation banquet, Elsa‘s younger sister Anna meets Prince Hans of the South Isles. Pretending to fall in love with the girl, he actually has evil intentions. He wants both sisters dead so that he can rule Arendelle. Fortunately, he is unable to achieve his goal and Elsa remains in power.

Three years later, Elsa and Anna discover that their mother was a member of the Northuldra tribe. There is an ancient conflict between the people and a troop of soldiers from Arendelle. Wanting to know the truth, Elsa finally understands that her grandfather built a dam to reduce the Northuldras‘ resources and colonise the Enchanted Forest. To restore peace, Anna destroys the dam while Elsa saves Arendelle from the floods by diverting the current.

Symbol of Arendelle

The symbol of Arendelle is a golden three-leaved crocus. It can be seen on shields, capes and tapestries.

Real inspiration

The kingdom of Arendelle was inspired by the town of Hallstat in Austria. The small village of 795 inhabitants is now besieged by numerous tourists, not always very respectful of the place. Indeed, the village welcomes no less than 10,000 visitors a day, turning this little paradise into a hellish place. A publicity that the village could have done without…


Arendelle : World of Frozen 

Arendelle: World of Frozen is the next space themed after Frozen I and II films. This location is planned for Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea and Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris.


Peace having returned to Arendelle, after the events of Frozen I but before those of Frozen II, Queen Elsa decreed a snow day in summer to the delight of the inhabitants of Arendelle.

Hong Kong Disneyland 

Arendelle Land will be the fourth extension of the park and will open in 2023.

Tokyo DisneySea

The park offers a variant with the Fantasy Springs land which will not only refer to the Frozen film but will immerse the Guests in the world of the Rapunzel and Peter Pan films.

Still under construction, Fantasy Springs will open in 2024.

Walt Disney Studios 

By 2024-2025, Walt Disney Studios is planning a second expansion after the Avengers Campus which opened in July 2022. The land will include an attraction, a restaurant, a shop and a meeting point with the characters.

In the centre of this new area, a lake, a snow-covered mountain and Elsa‘s ice palace should provide Guests with an immersive experience in the kingdom of Arendelle.

The only attraction will be a water dark ride, modelled on Frozen Ever After which opened in 2016 at EPCOT.

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