Be prepared for our un-BOO-lievable celebration! From 26th September to 1st November!

Your favorite mischievous Disney villains will be sneaking around our Selfie Spots, while familiar heroes and heroines dressed in Halloween costumes are also ready to pose for your snaps. Parents and little pumpkins alike will delight in the terrifyingly fun attractions, devilishly delicious treats, and eye-popping surprises.

Disneyland Park will be dressed in its most spooktacular Halloween costume!

From Main Street U.S.A.® to Sleeping Beauty Castle, the spirit of Halloween is everywhere your eyeballs can see. Jack ‘o lanterns line the streets while ghoulish ghosts can pop up anywhere to give you a spooky surprise. Creep on over to Frontierland to discover a colourful Mexican festival, complete with lively music and prancing skeletons.

Take a selfie with Disney Characters(1). Say “zombieees!” 

Put on your most menacing smile and show your fangs for a BOOtiful selfie! Disney Characters dressed in their most wickedly colourful Halloween costumes are waiting to share a spooky moment with you throughout the Parks. Mickey & Minnie, Donald & Daisy, Goofy… who will you be lucky enough to meet for yours?

Meet the marvellously mischievous Disney villains (1)! Mwahahaha!

Try to avoid the giant thorns in the courtyard of Sleeping Beauty Castle and see if you can spot the dastardly Maleficent on the balcony. Captain Hook hops off the Jolly Roger and into the Parks on certain days, while the awfully unpleasant Ursula, if you have the misfortune of running into the tentacled tyrant, is no doubt trying to steal the voices of some poor unfortunate souls!

Mickey and friends take the stage for some bewitching selfies 

Slink through the squeaky gates of this Fantasyland theatre decorated in the unmistakeable colours of the season and discover Mickey and his friends dressed in their most dazzling Halloween costumes! It’s the perfect opportunity to grab a frightfully good selfie with some beloved Disney Characters.

Seek out the Disney Villains lurking in Walt Disney Studios Park 

From 1 October, Jafar, Cruella de Ville, Captain Hook and other mischievous characters(1) are invading Studio Theater for your goosebump-inducing pleasure. A screamingly good time awaits those courageous enough to spend time in the presence of these rebellious rapscallions.  

All the tricks & treats of Halloween in the Disney Parks for one month! 

Everywhere you lay your eyes there’s something ghoulishly fun to see. Our boutiques are stocked from floor to ceiling with treats for big and little pumpkins, while our restaurants in the Parks, Disney Hotels and Disney Village can satisfy even the most monstrous of appetites. You’ll even find some special new potions on the drinks menus, as well as snacks made specially for this most frightful of seasons!

That’s not all, there’s a witch’s hatful of surprises for you to discover in the Parks! 

You’ll have to wait until you’re in the Parks to see what we’ve got hiding up our sleeve! Let the sounds of the creepy music guide you to your next out-of-this-world experience and let yourself be spirited away to an unforgettable Halloween celebration full of colour and fun. Can’t wait? Neither can we!

(1) Disney Characters will be escorted through the Parks at different moments and on different days throughout the season. Their presence at any precise time or location can therefore not be guaranteed.

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