Disney Back to School Supplies on a Budget

Can you find Disney back to school supplies on a budget? Absolutely! Here are just a few official Disney supplies for college and school that’ll bring a sprinkle of magic to the new academic year.

With prices starting at less than £2, you can find a little bit of cuteness for the same price as regular stationery.

Beautiful and Affordable Disney Bags

You can find cute, affordable Disney bags while you’re grocery shopping! Even if you own a stunning Loungefly collection, you might not want to leave it lying around at school or college. Whatever your budget, the design details on these new term Disney bags are pretty nice.

Sainsbury’s have steadily increased their officially licensed Disney range recently, with tons of options for young adults and older fans. You can find from adorable animated classics to the latest live action characters represented across the range.

That currently includes backpacks that give a nod to the Animators’ Collection with sketches of Mickey.

But in particular, they’re leading the way on stylish Disney tote bags. Check out this Cruella tote!

And it’s just £5 for all this punk-era gorgeousness! If you need an affordable bag for university or college to throw your notebooks into, this is a stand-out option.

Mickey-Approved Budget Disney Notebooks

There are so many affordable Disney notebooks out there! ShopDisney notebooks are beautiful but since they’re not cheap, you might want to shop around if you need a different notebook for every class.

The Primark Disney notebook range has gone big on Mickey and Minnie this year. The budget store’s latest Disney back to school stationery is all about pastel colours and Mickey and Minnie. With a little help from Daisy and Donald!

One big advantage of the Primark range? It all depends what’s in stock on the day, but the range includes everything from A4 notebooks to pocket-sized jotters. So you’re sure to find something that works for your school or college supplies list.

Look out for folders so you can organise your notes too!

Cheap Disney Stationery You’ll Love

Again it’s Primark to the rescue with great prices – these budget Disney pens and stationery supplies start at less that £2! Now, we’re all used to grabbing a few Disney accessories from the store. But (as always, depending what’s in stock at your local branch) did you know they sell Disney pens and highlighters?

Yes, these adorable Daisy and Minnie highlighters are only £1.50! Since they come in a set of 4, this pack alone will truly give your new term supplies a Disney boost.

Coming in at the same price and non-branded options, you can pick up Disney new term supplies from start to finish. Or just top up your stationery with a few essential House of Mouse features.

Either way, 2021’s licensed high street and supermarket ranges are making it more affordable to be a fan this year.

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