Disneyland Paris partner hotel: The Dream Castle

We arrive and there stands majestically the Dream Castle Hotel. It is magnificent and even has a little magical air about it… A castle worthy of the little princes and princesses that we will be during our stay in this partner hotel in Disneyland Paris. There is even a tower… do you think Prince Charming is hiding there?

Arrival at the Dream Castle: The common areas

We enter the huge lobby. The large windows let in a lot of light and in the centre, a throne awaits its king or queen of the day.

A small drawback! There are only 2 receptionists and we are several to wait… we will have to wait 25 minutes before the registration of our room.

We finally get the sesame and we go up to the top floor because we took a P.M.R suite to have more space and to facilitate my movements.

We get out of the lift, a child must have passed by because there is a lollipop stick on the floor… This one must like it because it will stay there for 4 days… otherwise the whole time of our stay. Yuck!

Discovering the Suite at the Dream Castle

The suite is quite large but the carpet is no longer very fresh or even very clean. The beds are clean. On the other hand, the decoration of the room seems quite faded and the refrigerator does not work…

I go down to the reception to report the deplorable state of the shower: there is a large greenish stain and I try to run the water, but it doesn’t go away. The receptionist assured me that an employee would come and clean it during the day.

In the evening, nothing has changed… Back to the reception! Another 35 minutes lost… I repeat my request and “we are sorry but there is no one at the cleaning service”. For a hotel of this size it seems strange, but there is a bathtub, that’s something…

To satisfy the little one we go to the swimming pool, which is widely acclaimed by the reception…

The pool

We enter by a corridor and we discover a miserable cabin to undress and it is crowded! Well, tomorrow we’ll go down in our swimming costumes… Ah, there are lockers to put your clothes but they are small and not very clean… As for the swimming pool… Oops big disappointment! It’s a splash pool with a small slide. It is full of children and is tiny compared to the size of the hotel and its capacity… hello contamination!

Eating at the Dream Castle

The next evening I go to the reception again… 25 minutes of waiting (in my opinion it is their average!).

An employee will come to tell me that the shower is not dirty but that it is damaged by the cleaning products. Well, I don’t really believe it… The proof! If I scratch, it goes away. I go back to the reception, not very happy. I didn’t pay for a suite to have a dilapidated shower, a dirty carpet and so on…

While I’m at it, I ask for towels because there is no cleaning service in the room and we are out of towels. Also, the little one has been sick. I took off the sheets and called the reception to have someone come to vacuum the room, empty the garbage and change the bed. They will give me the sheets. It’s my job to change them… Hello, Suite service! Well, I promise… I won’t pay for a Suite anymore if it’s not for extra services.

The poor receptionist doesn’t know what to say… He offers me a meal for 3 people in the hotel restaurant. Well it’s better than nothing but it doesn’t change the situation.

We go to the restaurant. The food is of good quality and the service too, finally a positive side!

As for the breakfast, it goes well. The products are fresh, diversified and sufficient…But… The distances are not respected by the visitors who take the croissants, the cheese squares with their hands… The staff tries to put order in this happy mess but as for all the services of the hotel, they are in short supply and very quickly overwhelmed. It was better to arrive early.

Cleaning: continuation and end!

On the third day, still no cleaning in sight! I put all the towels, sheets, as well as the dustbins in front of the door of our room. Positive point, the next day all this little mess will be cleared up!

Again, I go back to the reception and ask the difference between a room and a suite. Why is there no cleaning? Answer: “People never stay long and the cleaning is only done at the end of the stay”. Ok but we stayed there for 5 days. I wanted a cleaning which never happened. However, they refunded me for one night. In my opinion I must have pissed them off with my complaints! In the end I spent almost 3 hours waiting at the reception for a service that never arrived…

On the other hand, we must underline the GREAT friendliness, kindness and politeness of the reception staff who take the time to listen to your complaints and look for solutions to your problems despite the small means at their disposal.


Positive pointsNegative points
Attractive pricesPas de ménage en chambre
The quality of the restaurant’s productsThe dilapidated rooms, out of order fridge
The diversity and quality of the breakfastLack of cleaning in common areas
The friendliness of the reception staffLack of cleaning staff
The suite is greatPool too small for a hotel of this size